Final Programme (The)

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A remarkably stylised film, The Final Programme was Robert Fuest's follow-up to his two successful Doctor Phibes tales and is no less stylish than either. Exchanging gothic trappings for a mega-dose of futurism, Fuest's modish sensibilities mesh perfectly with Philip Harrison's art direction and Norman Warwick's photography, resulting in a world clothed in shabby chic shot through an early '70s prism (kaftans are in evidence...). Futuristic sets with acres of dead space vigorously juxtapose with urban ghettoes and ruined desert landscapes to produce a film with a similar tone and sensibility to both Zardoz and A Boy and His Dog.

The Final Programme

Jon Finch, a great actor who never seemed to fulfil his promise, is superb here as a dandified, narcissistic Nobel prize winner strutting across a pre-apocalyptic landscape like some glam vampire - it's like watching an alternate universe episode of Jason King where Jason takes on a cabal of fedora-sporting scientists, flies his own Phantom F-4 and exists on whisky and biscuits. Ace scenery-chewers Patrick Magee and Hugh Griffith turn in relatively subdued supporting performances, the latter dispensing snippets of cryptic wisdom as a Welsh, Buddhist Master Po, and the nominal baddie is played with gusto by an unconscionably young Derrick O'Connor.

Steve Rogers

The Final Programme


Jon Finch heads an impressive cast as the flamboyant anti-hero of this dystopian, darkly humorous sci-fi thriller from cult director Robert Fuest – best-known among horror aficionados for the stylish Dr Phibes films starring Vincent Price. Based on Michael Moorcock’s acclaimed 1968 novel, The Final Programme is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

The Final Programme

In a far-off future, mankind is in a state of decay. But a group of scientists believe they  have found the means to move humanity on to its next level in the creation of an ideal, self-replicating – and thus immortal – human being. Jerry Cornelius, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and playboy adventurer, is vital to the project’s success: his recently deceased father devised the formula of this ‘final programme’. However, the formula is captured on a microfilm hidden in the vaults of the family’s mansion, and jealously guarded by Jerry’s drug-addicted, psychopathic brother, Frank...


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The Final Programme

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