Saint (The): The Complete Colour Series

Saint (The): The Complete Colour Series

Format: DVD

Legendary actor Roger Moore (James Bond, The Persuaders!) stars as debonair playboy Simon Templar in the series that made him a global star. Exciting and dashing, and always with an eye for the ladies, Templar travels the world targeting thieves and con-men - fleecing them with a clever combination of his trickery and trademark charm. It’s a dangerous game, but with his suave, panache and devilish good looks, The Saint proves to be one cool customer.

Made in the latter half of the Swinging Sixties and based on the world famous series of bestselling stories by Leslie Charteris, this fourteen-disc set presents the complete run of colour episodes (the original series three and four) alongside some unique and entertaining special features, including the definitive documentary on the making of these colour episodes, featuring contributions from Roger Moore and other members of the team that made The Saint one of the greatest success stories of British television.

Included in this set are all 47 colour episodes, including both the movies and original two-part versions of Vendetta for the Saint and The Fiction Makers (not seen in this format since their original transmission run ended), which feature exceptional performances from guest stars such as Edward Woodward, Francesca Annis, Peter Wyngarde, Barry Morse, Sue Lloyd, Sylvia Syms and Robert Hardy. Fun, cool and exceptionally popular in its day, The Saint remains a staple part of television programming and continues to be enjoyed by fans the world over.

This set contains the following special features:

* The Saint Steps In... To Colour - an exclusive documentary, narrated by Ian Ogilvy, on the making of the colour shows featuring contributions from Roger Moore, Robert S Baker, Johnny Goodman, Roy Ward Baker, Peter Manley, Malcolm Christopher, Caron Gardner, Alexandra Bastedo, Stuart Damon and Alvin Rakoff
* episodic versions of Vendetta for the Saint and The Fiction Makers – not seen in this format since their original transmission run and transferred from the original film elements exclusively for this set
* the movie versions of Vendetta for the Saint and The Fiction Makers
* trailers for all of the colour episodes
* commentaries on four shows
* three booklets including episodes guides, original PR for the movies and the exclusive publication of the Leslie Charteris short story The Saint and the Uncritical Publisher, which has never previously seen print in the UK
* The Saint at the Wheel - an exhaustive PDF essay on the cars used by the Saint
* Approximately forty minutes of Edwin Astley's outstanding incidental music for the series
* further image galleries, including a number of behind the scenes stills, for both two-part shows
* foreign titles
* ad bumpers
* textless material

Saint (The): The Complete Colour Series
Number of Discs
4:3 / Colour
2550 minutes (approx.) + extras