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R & H: Article 16Jan2017

THOSE LATE, LAMENTED OPENING TITLES… Network’s brand new HD masters of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) will be something of a sentimental journey for fans who remember seeing the series the first time around, with the return of the ‘original’ opening credits: or rather, the credits that were used on ...


Randall and Hopkirk (Repeated) 16Jan2017

Thirty years ago this weekend – on Thursday January 8th, 1987, to be exact – viewers in ITV’s Central region were treated to their first look at Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) in over a decade. And appropriately, fans should be getting their hands on the first of our new Blu-ray releases any time now, ...


Department S… on Reflection 16Jan2017

The second of the ITC series produced by Monty Berman and Dennis Spooner, Department S was in some respects a revamp of the format they had successfully developed for their preceding series The Champions: three investigators, two male and one female, based in a European capital, probing a variety of ...


Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): Volume 1 [BLU-RAY] 16Jan2017

The Ghost Remastered in HD (or the man in the off-white suit) Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) is on its way to blu-ray… which should come as welcome news for fans of the series. Remastering from original film elements is already well under way, and as to the results… well, you’ve already had ...

Happy New Year! 2Jan2017

Welcome to 2017 here at Network, we will be back very soon with a great line up of releases and a few surprises.


Remastering Till Death Us Do Part 5Dec2016

  Network’s release of Till Death Us Do Part features a complete run of all seven series – no mean feat when only less than half the episodes from the first three series exist in their original as-broadcast format. These gaps are filled with a combination of off-air audio recordings and ...


The Terrornauts Part 1 14Nov2016

Getting Your Oates… an appreciation of THE TERRORNAUTS… and the career of Bond-who-never was SIMON OATES As well as being a prime slice of science fiction cheese, The Terrornauts is unique in being the sole starring vehicle for the charismatic Simon Oates. Writer and Dr. Who novelist Jac ...


UFO: Unseen Stills 14Nov2016

If the UFO announcement hasn’t already got you excited, how about a look at an exclusive set of behind the scenes stills? Below are a series of never before seen screen test material courtesy of the Anderson Estate – showing members of the cast getting prepared for the show with extra ...

Invasion UFo newsletter

UFO: HD Gallery 14Nov2016

The classic sci-fi series UFO from the legendary producer Gerry Anderson is now just days away from release and to give you an idea of the new picture quality we’ve selected a series of stills from the upcoming release… LT. ELLIS – Moonbase Controller… issuing instructions to ...


The Terrornauts Part 2 24Oct2016

Network’s DVD release of The Terrornauts is a shortened version (a mere 58 minutes) as its main feature, with the original theatrical version as a bonus. The original version is of poor quality, both visual and audio, but is worth persevering with for the extra 16 minutes of action. The most notable cuts ...