The Big Screen

January 15, 2018 The 14 Shooting   First shown on Tuesday 20 February, 1973, as part of the BBC’s Tuesday’s Documentary strand, The Big Screen is a fascinating snapshot of the ailing British film industry at […]   Read More

It’s that Hare again!1 Comment

August 28, 2017 Hartley   Hartley Hare isn’t surprised that Network is releasing Pipkins The Collection with all of his greatest hits. He would have only asked why did it take so long? Yes […]   Read More

A box for Marty…2 Comments

May 17, 2017 RandallandHopkirk6 It’s hard to believe that we’ve already reached the final volume of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). This sixth installment presents the final five episodes (in production order), and comes complete […]   Read More

A Department S Mystery…1 Comment

Department S V5 WHO CUT WHO PLAYS THE DUMMY? A Department S mystery… London, England, Friday 31st March SULLIVAN and KING are seated at a moviola: a roll of film is spooling through. […]   Read More

… and There Was A Crooked Man1 Comment

May 9, 2017 THE rags-to-riches cliché could have been invented for Norman Wisdom. So could a whole string of other tired  lines.  Dragged up by his bootstraps, poor as a church mouse, unlucky […]   Read More