Fraud Squad – Free Episode To Watch 8Mar2013

7953663-2DA stylish police procedural from the late 1960s, Fraud Squad showcases the exploits of Detective Inspector Gamble and his aide, Detective Sergeant Vicky Hicks, Metropolitan officers on the trail of the con-men and fraudsters who operate at all levels of society – from boardroom to bingo hall.

Fraud Squad was notable for being one of the earliest British television dramas to feature a female detective in a leading role, while several storylines focus on Gamble’s tangled personal life – which occasionally threatens his efforts to hunt down the sharks (and sometimes the minnows) inhabiting the murky world of international fraud.

If you don’t remember the series, don’t worry – you can check out an entire episode here for free before you buy (it’s available from Monday 11 March)..


  1. Joya Ghose Reply

    Am I right in thinking series one is coming out on DVD? Will the episode “Run for your Money” be included?

    • Network Reply

      Series one is released complete and uncut on Monday 11 March.

  2. Vic Tietze Reply

    Thankyou so much for running “Last Exit to Leichstenstein” as a free online preview. I’d never heard of this series, so to have the chance to watch an episode – and what turned out to be a very good one at that – was most welcome.

    I can’t wait to have the opportunity to see more now.

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