Tempo – Watch An Exclusive Preview Online 18Jan2013

7953701 2D ITV’s seminal arts programme, Tempo ran for eight years through a decade which saw a creative explosion within all aspects of the performing arts. Its fluid style of presentation allowed an almost open-ended remit, enabling it to cover subjects as diverse as cinema, music, dance, photography, writing – and much more besides. At a time when television was being criticised for dumbing down, Tempo – more than any other series – showed that ITV could indeed go highbrow whilst still remaining populist – a philosophy and outlook that was to continue into the 1970s and beyond with its successors Aquarius and The South Bank Show.

Unseen for decades, this two-disc set contains interviews, reportage and features on Jacques Tati, Stan Tracey, Tom Jones, Orson Welles, Harold Pinter, Yehudi Menuhin and more. It also includes a banned edition on LSD from 1967, which has never been transmitted.

Click the packshot to access the product page and view the Orson Welles edition online.


  1. Brian Smith Reply

    Utterly fascinating. Thanks!!

    I have been looking forward to this series, as I grew up with it in my late teens/early twenties. I am especially keen to see if either of the two American Folk Blues Festivals have survived….1962 and 1965, under the local banner Jazz Unlimited. 1065 has had extracts in US blues DVDs, so that one HAS survived, buy I’ve never seen anything of 1962……….

    (On your separate World In Action series, I’d love to see their astonishing special, ‘Cuba Si !’, still one of the finest documentaries I’ve ever seen)

    Kind regards,

    Blues & Rhythm Magazine, Others

  2. martin sheffield Reply

    Well Done Network DVD , Needed to Be Seen after all these Years

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