The Losers Comes To DVD! 18Jan2013

7953630 3D

“The great lost Leonard Rossiter sitcom”, The Losers stars Rossiter, riding high on his success as both seedy landlord Rigsby and frustrated middle-manager Reggie Perrin, alongside Alfred Molina – in his first television role. With a theme song sung by Rossiter himself, the series is written by celebrated journalist, writer and satirist Alan Coren.

The original transmission masters of The Losers have long since been destroyed, with all five episodes on this set digitally recovered from the only existing off-air recordings – a process which took a considerable amount of painstaking work (some of the tapes had previously been classified as “unplayable”). Episode six remains missing but a PDF of the script is included on this set. Viewers will notice a drop in picture quality when compared to other 1970s series due to the quality of the source recordings.

Click the packshot to see read more detail on the series and place an order.

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