‘An Audience With Billy Connolly’ – Connolly Stars In Hoffman’s ‘Quartet’ 4Jan2013

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New Year’s Day saw the release of Dustin Hoffman’s star-studded directorial debut QUARTET, featuring BAFTA-nominee Billy Connolly in one of the lead roles. Connolly’s career started in folk music with The Humblebums, but it is of course stand-up comedy for which he is best known and what better celebration of his abrasive, profanity-ridden wit is there than Network’s AN AUDIENCE WITH BILLY CONNOLLY.

Originally aired on ITV in 1985, AN AUDIENCE WITH BILLY CONNOLLY is a true classic in every sense of the word! In the audience are Britain’s finest from the theatre and music world, like Bob Hoskins, Joanna Lumley, Bob Geldof, Michael Parkinson and many others. All the necessary Connolly ingredients are there: shouting, long-winded stories about priests, your first grey pubic hair and how to have fulfilling life when you are incontinent. The funny walks are there, and of course the zombie joke. Billy also shows his mastery of comic improvisations when the audience ask questions and he shows his uncanny skill to talk at length about any topic thrown at him.

If you like Billy Connolly then this is one performance you won’t want to be without! Click here to buy.


  1. Keith Duffy Reply

    Billy Connolly is a fine comedian and a funny man, but this is one of his best performances in my opinion.

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