Exclusive Preview: The Edgar Wallace Mystery ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ 11Jan2013


Currently in the development stage for the shop is the On Demand section, which will allow you to rent or download films and TV episodes.  As part of the test phase, we will be making exclusive previews available to watch on the site over the coming weeks and months.  Future newsletters will link to the latest content, but check back on the site as well to see them the moment they become available.

The first available preview is the full-length Edgar Wallace Mystery feature DEAD MAN’S CHEST from 1965, starring Peter Bowles, Ann Firbank, John Meillon, Peter Bowles and John Abineri, as featured on THE EDGAR WALLACE MYSTERIES VOL.7.  The feature will be available to watch until Sunday 20th January.

Please follow this link to the Product Page to find the option to view the Exclusive Preview.


Synopsis: It all began as a hoax, a stunt, a trick on the part of two cynical young journalists to spite society and thwart the Establishment. The idea was to expose the frailty of circumstantial evidence, and they planned to fake a murder. But the plan went disastrously wrong…

Please note:  The films available to stream have been prepared solely for use as previews.  They do not represent the final quality of product that will be available in the future via the completed On Demand section of the site.

If you have any comments or queries about these previews, please use the Contact Page or email us directly at testing@networkdistributing.com. We welcome all feedback about your experience of the website.


  1. Damon Shaw Reply

    Please keep DVD releases coming and don’t make content exclusive to downloads, I have bought hundreds of your DVDs from your website and high street retailers and want to own more, I have zero interest in downloads. I want to own physical copies. I know you haven’t said anything about download exclusives but I want to make the comment now just in case.

    I also have no interest in the blu-ray format. I also don’t like thin DVD cases.

    I hope maybe someday, there is a re-release of individual series of comedies that were lost in the fire in 2011. I myself cannot complete the Doctor On The Go and Father Dear Father runs because I can longer purchase series 1 and 6 respectively. I know other people have been left in the same situation with other individual series no longer available. The complete box sets would not be an option.

    I hope these comments are of genuine use. I am still undecided on the new website design for back catalogue products but the new releases section on the front page by month is good.

    You are by far the best DVD publisher and have given me immense pleasure in seeing my old favourites again (without the horror of on-screen logos favoured by most TV stations now to wreck their output and disfigure classic programmes) and discovering “new” oldies. I watch almost zero new TV and you are a Godsend.

    I hope maybe someday could re-start the old BBC releases as well as the ITV output, I loved the Sykes, Ripping Yarns, Till Death Us Do Part and The Goodies releases. Acorn seem to be getting a few out but you would be better, I’m sure.

    Best regards and hope you have great sales figures in 2013,


  2. Scott Anderson Reply

    I am exited by the possibilities of your On Demand section. I currently use Netflix and Amazon streaming services and it has changed my viewing habits a great deal.
    I purchase some old favourites from your site ( you have a fantastic catalogue now and I think you treat the sources with a great deal of care and respect ) but I have limited funds so some titles are on a very long wishlist. I hope that you get your pricing policy right, it is very easy to price people out of this very competetive market. With your excellent back catalogue a direct debit form of payment for a streaming service would be a fantastic idea (don’t know if you have the server capacity for this but I would be very keen to try this kind of service)

    Thanks for all your hard work and all the best in 2015 and on with your new service


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