‘Les Miserables’ – A Classic Version Of A Timeless Tale 11Jan2013

Les Miserables 2d small

If you haven’t yet seen the first ever screen adaptation of the stage musical hitting cinemas this week, check out Network’s classic 1978 version of LES MISERABLES with a brand new sleeve design.

Jean Valjean, a handsome young woodcutter, is cruelly sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread that he took to feed his starving family. Released from prison 19 years later, he first faces freedom with an urge for revenge until the benevolent Bishop Myriel takes him in and gives him shelter. When Valjean is caught stealing the Bishop’s silverware the kindly Bishop tells the authorities that the silver was a gift. In return, he insists that Valjean must change his ways, become an honest man and perform good deeds for others. However, Javert, the ice-cold Inspector of Prisoners, relentlessly pursues Valjean and is determined to put him back in prison…

This version of Victor Hugo’s epic novel stars Richard Jordan and Anthony Perkins in the weaves a tale of courage, daring, escape and the indomitable human spirit. Filmed in extravagant locations throughout France and elsewhere in Europe, it is truly a masterpiece of production.

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