On Offer At iTunes: ‘2 Days In New York’ 11Jan2013

Spend more than two days in New York with Julie Delpy, Chris Rock and iTunes!

2 DAYS IN NEW YORK, writer-director Julie Delpy’s 2 DAYS IN PARIS follow-up co-starring Chris Rock, was the film last year that Mark Kermode “laughed all the way through” and received four stars from Empire, Marie Claire, Woman, Easy Living, The Guardian, Financial Times and The Times.  It will be exclusively discounted To Buy on iTunes throughout the rest of January, at the following prices:

HD – To Buy:  £7.99              SD – To Buy:  £6.99

With her third full-length collaboration with writer-director Richard Linklater and actor-writer-director Ethan Hawke about to hit the festival circuit, catch up on Julie Delpy’s own unique take on the relationship comedy, this time with a big helping of Franco-American culture clash courtesy of playing-against-type Chris Rock and father Albert Delpy.

Also still available to buy are the DVD here and the Blu-ray here.

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