Welcome To Networkonair 4Jan2013

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Welcome to Networkonair

Thanks for your patience during the switchover.

We’ve completely re-designed the site to not only bring the previous Network DVD and Network Releasing content under one roof but also to improve the facilities and introduce some exciting new features along the way. It still contains all the award-winning films and TV shows you have come to associate with the label over the past 15 years and we will continue to bring you great titles from the archive as well as new films. You will find our new digital destination more contemporary and far easier to navigate.

It also gives you the chance to see exciting things happening at our company now and in the future via different story windows and a section titled “In the Air”. You will find exclusive content, unique behind-the-scene news about our releases and much more. You will, of course, be able to watch our titles the way you would like to see them – whether on DVD, on Blu-ray or, soon, On Demand.

We aren’t going to tell you how to use this site. We would like you to explore it, comment and contribute. You can leave reviews and we welcome your feedback. If you do experience any technical problems then please use our Contact Us page.

Thanks, The Network Team


  1. Brian Buckley Reply


    Just been on the new website.

    Sorry to be a killjoy but you did ask for feedback ;-)

    After 3 minutes using the site I have eye ache :-(

    The drop-down menus at the top are very difficult to read, as being translucent the webpage behind obscures the actual writing.

    Also, I can only see 3 DVDs on the page at any one time as the pictures of the covers are simply too big, which means that most of the space used for the written description alongside them is white, empty space – this means a LOT of scrolling to see the DVDs available which quickly becomes tiresome and fatiguing on the eyes.

    Overall, whilst the old site wasn’t as professional-looking, it WAS easier to use and more user-friendly. I don’t like this new site and to be honest don’t think I’ll be visiting it anywhere near as much as I visited the old site.

    Sorry to sound disparaging but I’m trying to be helpful and constructive and hope my comments have been of help.

  2. Glen Allen Reply

    I appreciate the site is new but its a lot more complicated to navigate.

    e.g. Clicking on COMEDY brings up a long list but it doesn’t appear to be in any order
    “Executive Stress” (vol 2) is the first thing listed, followed by
    “You’re Only Young Twice” (The complete series 3)?? and then…
    “An Audience with Jasper Carrott”

    Hmmm. Im not impressed so far Im afraid….and I SO wanted to be

  3. Glen Allen Reply

    Oh and having just realised you can select the preference of views ( right hand side- drop down menu) but if (as I did on my first viewing) it’s not obvious it seems a bit random.
    On a positive note though. I love your releases and the special offers…oh and thank you for “Connie” :)

  4. Lee Filipek Reply

    The new site is Fabulous – easy to navigate and packed full of wonderful features. As a regular customer I am always keen to support Network DVD as leaders in the field of Classic Television & Film.

    • Mark Reply

      “easy to navigate…”

      Really??? I wonder what the rest of us are doing wrong…

  5. Peter Hastings Reply

    I was at a loss as to wondering where Network had gone? At Christmas Network said that it would be back from 2nd January. And then nothing until I was sent an email yesterday informing me of this new site. Surely it would have been at the very least polite to have advised Network’s customers of where you were & why? Why did you have to make this new site so complicated? 4 attempts later & I now seriously have the hump! By all means update & improve it if you have to, but who was site this designed for? Network was one of my favourites that I visited a great deal – now if its going to take this long I don’t think I’ll bother. As someone who has spent a vast amountl of money and been one of Network’s regular customers over the past 15 years I can’t say I am impressed. I would have expected better. I know that if this site isn’t improved to make it more user friendly I’ll give up. And where is the in current, forthcoming & new releases sections? Never mind telling us to navigate for ourselves – why does it have to be so complicated & what’s with the downloading? Every section I’ve gone to goes through the 100% downloading procedure. If this doesn’t improve then Network will defintely lose this customer. I only have a certain amount of time to live! I don’t want to spend my life on line waiting to be reconnected to each section at 100% & then some. Unlike the ‘old’ site where you could move sections with ease this is worse that having a tooth pulled! I appreciate that tweaks will take place to further ‘improve’ it – but this should have been done before you bu this new site on line. Sorry to sound so negative but I am so disappointed I expected more from Network & you did ask for feedback – so here it is. Improvements do not always mean better & this so isn’t. Over to you Network.

    • Network Reply

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your feedback. Changes to the previous website were necessary but we are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with these. We take all feedback on board but please do email us if there is anything that we can assist with.
      New and forthcoming titles can be found on the front page, under the section ‘In the Air’. There are three tabs here, for January, February and March, under which you will be able to browse all current releases and forthcoming titles.

      If you have any further comments, please do to let us know.

      Kind regards,

  6. Mark Reply

    Sorry, but I don’t like changes at all.

    A site that aims, for the large part, to sell a product should be intuitive. One should be able to instantly go to the product, or browse through the range with consumate ease.

    Frankly, as it is now, it’s a bit of a dog’s dinner, and just plain confusing. I think I’ll stick to Amazon for the time being…

  7. Peter Hastings Reply

    5.50pm. I was a bit hasty before – just disappointed that the new site was so difficult to navigate. I’m sure Network will sort out any problems. Good luck Network.

  8. stephen Reply

    You asked for comment…. though getting to this page was a headache.

    New website fail. A toy for lovers of design over usefulness. Good design can be fun for those that like that sort of thing without having to kick out customers, without hiding content. Where is a noscript section? Where is a no-image section? Where is HTML5 and CSS? There is no need to use obligatory javascript. Ever.

    Nonsense comments or 404 on old website pages. Down for maintenance! Ha.
    – How good the new website is- my initial comment was: No new releases coming up for tv programs. Looks bad. – I see you just made it hard to find them with your impossible to use website.

    New website is blank with javascript disabled. Badly designed and very disabled unfriendly.

    Do we have new owners for Network or are Sony muscle flexing? Suggest you get proper web managers / designers and refer them initially to the RNIB guidance for website design for accessability.
    How to lose business! Are you doing so well you are able to tell 12% of visitors to get lost?

    Where is Tim these days? His touch seems to be rather light or missing these days. Has he retired? Pass on my best wishes to him, the past 16 years have been fun. Bet he doesn’t remember me helping him in 97…

    Please refer to the Disability Discrimination Act (and the guidelines on cookies use and declaration).

  9. James Stoke Reply

    Like the re-vamp, Network, but *PLEASE* put back the ‘Forthcoming Releases’ link / button feature, as the main reason I visit use this site (apart from the periodical sales) is to keep track of anything new that I may miss otherwise. For example, I’d never heard of THE CORRIDOR PEOPLE, until it was listed on the ‘Forthcoming Releases’ section. Oh, while you’re at it, why not include a ‘Just Released’ link / button, too. What’s the point of releasing product if you’re only going to ‘bury’ them, deep withing your website?

    All the best,


    • Network Reply


      Thank you for your feedback. Forthcoming releases can be found on the front page of our website, under the section ‘In the Air’. There are three tabs here, for January, February and March, under which you can browse forthcoming titles and promotions for the coming months.

      Kind regards,

  10. Jacqueline Stokes Reply

    I’m very disappointed with the new website. The old website made it very easy to look at the forthcoming releases and web exclusives. The new site is very user unfriendly and makes it more difficult to view the products I want to look at. Sometimes less is more. your company release fantastic products and its a shame you now have a poor website.

  11. peter frank Reply

    the old site at least you could peruse over the entire catalogue fairly quickly. i used to do this every few days as i was never looking for anything specific and if something jogged my memory i clicked on it. doing this i bought £75 in one evening last month. with the new site i can only see 4 items per screen. after a few minutes scrolling i was only at C. guess what i gave up and went elsewhere.

    • Network Reply


      Thank you for your feedback. There is a drop down list on the catalogue pages so that you can change the number of products shown per page. You will be able to view as little as ten per page, or as many as 100 products per page.

      Kind regards,

  12. Peter Hastings Reply

    Wed 16.1.2012 – 3pm. Network. Good afternoon. Thank you for replying to my email. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE can you do away with the 100% percentage download connection? Everytime I try to link to the next page or DVD for more information I have to wait for the percentage download to work its way again to the next page & invariably the next connection doesn’t happen & I have to reload back into Network again. Its driving me to distraction. Why can’t it be like it was just click & you’re in!
    Thank you for putting up the Forthcoming Releases. Where is your stock list / previous releases stock?
    Peter Hastings.

  13. Peter Hastings Reply

    WOW! Just found the link to Network’s stock list – e.g. Top of Page bar on right hand side is TV, Film etc, highlight the section you want, double-click on the heading & you’re into: TV, Film, Other & the relevant stock list.

    Now just make it easier to navigate by getting rid of the 100% connection & I’ll go back to being one of Network’s best customers & it’ll be my favourite website way and above all the rest just as it was until the ‘dark day’ of 14 Jan when you made my life difficult by changing all I had known & loved about Network. Haven’t you heard – some people like me – don’t like change!!!! Next? x

  14. Ant Koplowitz Reply

    Don’t like the new site. It’s tricky to navigate, nothing’s obvious, DVD images are too big, it’s clunky. I know nothing stays the same for ever, but this change doesn’t seem to have the user in mind! Hope this is just teething problems, and the slickness of the old Network site will come back soon, otherwise I won’t be visiting it very much at all.

  15. Adrian Reply

    It is great news that Network are looking to offer an online streaming service.

    I have been disappointed that Network titles have stopped being available via LoveFilm (or Netflix). Whilst I would rather have the content available through these sites (for convenience and to increase the likelihood I will spot interesting items) – making the majority of network TV programmes and Films accessible online would be a great step forward.

    Please let us know when you plan to launch your subscription service – I may never watch live TV again!

  16. Ian Reply

    NOT happy! PLEASE change!

  17. Paul Stephens Reply

    This is one of those classic site changes tested and authorised by marketing execs who like all the slick fonts and animations but who don’t actually use the site. I won’t repeat all the comments made above but the old site was perfect for speed users while the current version is one scolling page and loading animation after another. And there are too many annoying pull down menus which appear and disappear if you aren’t pixel perfect with your mouse. The interface is trying to be all things to all men at the cost of hierarchy of information, while the design makes the site resemble a blog rather than a commercial venture. The old site relied heavily on thumbnails which users are able to process far more quickly at a glance, whereas the current site places dense blocks of text at all points, rather than nest these behind the graphics.

    Cluttered, slow, confusing and put together by someone who would do well to read Vincent Flanders design books on “Web Pages That Suck”.

  18. DTM Reply

    I may have a pretty old PC, but getting stuck at 99% when navigating back to your homepage page today – when I had previously loaded and used it in the same session – is ridiculous.

    I haven’t spotted these setting options for how the pages are viewed. Ever since the website first went live I have had trouble with the design and navigation. Today the images near the top of the homepage are not displaying properly.

    This is all too much like hard work. Don’t you realise that a great proportion of your customers will be of generations that don’t necessarily have to have the latest hardware or operating systems?

  19. Derek Reply

    I must agree with peter frank’s comments above. As a regular visitor to the original site I would browse through pages of images/titles. This was quick and anything that looked of interest, I could simply click on the image for more information. I now find that It is too time consumming scrolling down through images that are too large. I am sadly finding myself loosing interest and would perhaps only visit for a specific title.

  20. Peter Hastings Reply

    Seriously Network this navigating is becoming seriously annoying. Not only does each section return to the percentage download it also takes forever. I am beginning to lose patience which is a shame becuase Network is my favourite DVD supplier. Did Network update this website for their own benefit or for their customer’s? Do I want to stay a customer? I wonder how many more people are asking this? This website is now the most annoying. Its certainly the most impossible to navigate. Please do something about this. Are you listening Network? Is anyone there? Hello!

  21. Trevor Willsmer Reply

    Afraid another negative vote for the new site. While the additional features are welcome, it’s a tortuously slow connection – that slow 100% connection which doesn’t always connect every time you change pages and pages only half loading when it does (on other occassions,like The sweeney promotion, prices don’t even appear with the product). It’s also a much more time consuming site in the wrong way: although you’ve increased the size of the packshots, you’ve reduced the amount of information on individual titles and you don’t have the quick instant read you used to get on the old layout. The option to increase the number of titles visible on a page is no help because even on those pages where it is an option, instead of getting a selection of thumbnails you can quickly look at, you have to scroll down forever at great length just on the offchance something might catch your eye. Frankly it’s much quicker to find out about your forthcoming titles by going to Amazon and just putting Network in the search engine at the moment.

    As for ‘exploring the site for yourself’ – that’s the kind of really, really bad idea that designers love but customers hate. This is your shop window, but too much of the redisn is like you’re tking the goodies out of the window, hiding them somewhere in the store and not even telling the customer if they’re getting hotter or colder. It feels like the kind of user unfriendly site that has been over designed to please the company rather than the customer.

  22. Alan Grubb Reply

    don’t like this new website at all !
    Please return the old one!

  23. Andrew le-marchand Reply

    Hate the new name and like many many other people detest the layout as its impossible to find what you’re looking for either on a mobile phone internet or via a computer. Very disappointed to say the least. Please change it back again

  24. David Collins Reply

    I regret that I must endorse most of the negative comments regarding your new website previously recorded by subscribers. This is certainly not an improvement on the previous site, and I really cannot be bothered to scroll through DVDs at two to a page, when it was so simple to click through half a dozen at a time before. Unfortunately you may have lost yet another customer, although maybe that is not terribly important to your organisation.It would not be pleasant to see network going the same way as HMV or Blockbuster. Perhaps your website designer(s) would be more at home in alternative employment.

    • Network Reply


      Thank you for your feedback. It is possible to change the number of products per page; there is a drop down menu to view up to 100 per page. Please let us know if there is anything else relating to the new website that we can help with.

      Kind regards,

      • Trevor Willsmer Reply

        The 100 items per page aspect has already been addressed in comments – instead of getting several thumbnails on one page that allowed you to quickly take in 8-12 titles at once depending on the size of your computer screen, you can only read one-and-a-bit titles instantly and have to scroll down endlessly to find anything. This is not in any way an improvement but a huge customer-unfriendly time-consuming step backwards. But it seems obvious you’re going to stick with it, so the point of having a feedback section where you just repeat the same form answers apparently without reading the feedback properly (you make the same 100 items point twice despite criticism specifying that the problem is how long it takes to view more than one or two titles at a time) seems rather moot.

        As Mr Collins pointed out, a user-unfriendly website that makes it harder and slower for your customers to find your product is an especially bad idea in the current climate. This is your shop window, but you seem more concerned with putting in new frosted glass that makes it harder for the customer to see if there’s anything they want to buy.

  25. David Collins Reply

    Thanks for reply, but maybe I worded my comment incorrectly. Yes, we can get 100 items to a page, but what was preferred was to see several more that two items on the screen at the same time. I do not wish to scroll down 50 times at two items to a page, when it was so much quicker and easier to peruse several smaller thumbnail images + detail. I think Peter Hastings has spoken for many of your subscribers and I can only endorse what he has said.

  26. Russell Wilson Reply

    Wake up to yourselves, Take notice and GO back to the way it was. At least I could find things on the old system.Just a hassle now to find things

  27. Scott Anderson Reply

    I realise the old site was limited in it’s navigation but I prefer to see more of your products per page than this. It makes searching a bit of a chore (waiting to reach 100% on home page).

    I was hoping for a more structured layout in genre and media but this is a bit longwinded. I also was hoping for a better browsing experience with more linked products ( eg. amazon’s suggestion links “people who bought x also bought y” ). This kind of searching often throws up a long forgotten favourite or a series missed during it’s original run that has not had a repeat.

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