Welcome To Networkonair 11Jan2013

Welcome to Networkonair

Thanks for your patience during the switchover.

We’ve completely re-designed the site to not only bring the previous Network DVD and Network Releasing content under one roof but also to improve the facilities and introduce some exciting new features along the way. It still contains all the award-winning films and TV shows you have come to associate with the label over the past 15 years and we will continue to bring you great titles from the archive as well as new films. You will find our new digital destination more contemporary and far easier to navigate.

It also gives you the chance to see exciting things happening at our company now and in the future via different story windows and a section titled “In the Air”. You will find exclusive content, unique behind-the-scene news about our releases and much more. You will, of course, be able to watch our titles the way you would like to see them – whether on DVD, on Blu-ray or, soon, On Demand.

We aren’t going to tell you how to use this site. We would like you to explore it, comment and contribute. You can leave reviews and we welcome your feedback. If you do experience any technical problems then please use our Contact Us page.

Thanks, The Network Team


  1. andrew scott Reply

    possible one of the worst sites on the internet.
    couldn’t find hardly any of you titles.
    where is the chidrens section?
    where is the specials section.
    oh wait a min a very small box for categories which has next and previous the wrong way round.
    you took the old site of to do this?

    • Network Reply


      Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated.

      Kind regards,

  2. Andrew Reply

    Hi Network team,

    I’m resistant to change but Network have a huge store of goodwill with me so I’m always prepared to wait and see what is happening.

    Your “welcome” message suggests programmes will be available in a physical format AND digitally, rather than just one or the other. As someone who prefers to own the discs, this is a big relief for me.

    As a long-time customer I’d like the product listing pages in the Shop section to include a “release date (newest first)” sort option in addition to the existing alphabetic and by price search options.

    The new ITC vinyl albums look like they will be popular, but as a someone who is not a vinyl afficiando, I already have these (or similar) from you on CD. I know you have to be careful how you allocate your resources but I’d love to see more soundtracks from you, particularly title theme compilations from your Sitcom and Drama ranges. You must also include some ident stings too!

    I am particularly enjoing the Whodunnit releases. I wish the timing of these was a bit earlier so I could watch them with my family when we get together at Christmas.

    The recent ‘big’ sale was also fantastic; that’s the way to do a sale! I hope you will have more sales along those lines in future.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


    Andrew Williams.

  3. Anders Ekholm Reply

    I’ve just discovered that there IS a possibility to present the products in alphabetical order. Thanks, Network!

  4. Graham Reply

    Great to see an “On Demand” section. Look forward to seeing how this develops over time. For me there is a big minus for the new site though and that is that it is not simple/obvious to find the whole catalogue of titles. On the old site a page was immediately presented to you with 25 etc thumbnails to view. Here the search is made awkward by first having to click the tabs at the top and then it is not obvious that you have to click the sub headers to view full listings. At first I thought there were only 6 titles in the “Comedy”, “Drama”, “Other” tabs ! A slight change might be a good idea ?

  5. Brian Damage Reply

    Hmm… The new site is very pretty. Also very vertical – and looks poor on the widescreen monitors which most of us have these days. Over half this page is a grey border, whilst I can’t read most of what it says above this input box.

    Information on pending releases is much appreciated, but I would like a way to make suggestions for future releases and see what others have suggested and perhaps vote in favour of.

    The on-demand viewing is a huge surprise. I wonder how this will be priced – presumably at a lower cost than physical shipment? (Else where’s the incentive for on-demand?) Have you really thought this through? How often does a fondly remembered “classic” turn out to be an out-dated turkey? If the on-demand service is per-episode, how often will customers not buy episode 2 or 3, when previously they would have purchased an entire DVD set?

    What resolution/codecs will be used by the on-demand service? This needs to be at least as good as DVD and ideally (in these days of big screen TV’s) should be HD whenever possible, or high bit rate SD when not.

    Finally, I wonder about your plans for making the on-demand service accessible on other platforms? Smart TV’s, Android and Apple phones / tablets – for this to take off (and I would love to see this happen) Network will need to compete with LoveFilm and Netflix…

    I wish you the best of luck and will watch with interest.

    • Network Reply


      Thank you for your feedback. We do appreciate receiving customer suggestions for future releases and customers are always welcome to email us their suggestions. We are unable to comment on the possibility of releasing these, however and can only advise to keep an eye on the Network website for updates on any forthcoming titles we are able to schedule. Please watch this space for any updates we have regarding On Demand in the future.

      Kind regards,

  6. Orlando Reply

    I would like the price or estimated price of future releases shown on the relevant pages.

  7. Raymond McCarthy Reply

    Hello Network,
    Cetainly enjoying your revamp, it is very clear and easy to navigate and the forthcoming issues feature is of interest, one can only marvel at what you find to release.
    The one thing that bugs me a little is that you did not choose to change the synopsis details especially in series that have continuing volumes as a lot of the time the arc storyline changes.
    But as I said – a minor quibble, no doubt you will get round to changing certain details as you go along such as that and perhaps how many episodes are included in an issue. There again though the pleasure is finding out – eventually.
    Not too sure about the digital format issue as its a delight to have the physical item and to read about broadcast dates, cast, etc., – but that’s just me.


  8. Ryan Reply

    Hi Network love the new site.

    I have bought hundreds of your TV shows released over the years and I really hope there will be more Beadles About! and Classic Emmerdale from 1994-1999. to add to my collection.

    King regards

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