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Vinyl ITC Soundtracks 18Jan2013

VINYLEPFollowing on from the successful soundtrack CD releases of so many iconic ITC series, Network have now embarked on audio restorations of selected music cues and themes from ITC’s most popular series for vinyl release throughout 2013.

The ball starts rolling with a limited edition EP featuring the original themes from Danger Man, The Saint and The Prisoner, amongst others, which kicks off the range and will be available exclusively on Record Store Day this April.

Newly restored original soundtrack albums for Man in a Suitcase, The Saint, The Prisoner and The Protectors will follow in September, containing the very best themes and cues from each show.

VINYLPrisoner Department S and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) will be released in October, with yet further titles in 2014 and beyond.

Aimed at both the audiophile market and archive television fans, these extremely desirable albums will be produced to the highest standard with gorgeous sleeves designed in the style of contemporary ITC product (check out the cover gallery below).

This is the ITC memorabilia you always wished was available!

VINYLStrangeReport VINYLRandallHopkirk

VINYLSaint VINYLManSuitcase

VINYLDepartmentS VINYLChampions


  1. Gilbert De Borgher Reply

    This is great news. A must for every fan of ITC.

  2. Daza Reply

    Great selection of material and the cover design work is suitably retro. Nice!!!

  3. Adam Reply

    I can’t wait for this. I only hope all the little extra and exclusive releases will be available to us poor folks that reside beyond the shores of The UK

  4. steven haley Reply

    Will there be aditional tracks to those already published,for example that lovely tune from :man in elegant room” jason king visits an art / shop and its the background music i am interested in,which will be on the master tapes and probably library music,thanks for this excellent new site…

    • Network Reply


      Thank you for your interest in both the feature and the site. In answer to your query, there will be no additional tracks to those already published. The CDs already released contain all remaining specially-recorded music made for the ITC series. They do not include library music, nor will the LPs.

      Kind regards,


    It would seem that only enthusiastic comments are allowed to be posted with realistic ones get deleted.
    Not surprising really

  6. Nigel Lamb Reply

    Can these not also be made available as cd’s please.


    I hope they don’t miss the opportunity that the recent Gerry Anderson EP’s missed and not include gatefold sleeves with lots of stills. Prefer CD myself but nice sleeves would make these a nice piece of memorabilia

  8. William Douse Reply

    I bought the EP on Record Store day yesterday. There was only one copy in the shop and I bought it. The first thing to say is that the content has been remixed and does not sound as good or original as the ITC Themes CD. Secondly, the disc mastering is unsuitable. It has been pressed as a microgroove EP meaning the modulation is compressed to get more on the disc, resulting in a flatter dynamic range. This is unecessary as there is a wide band of unused disc at the run off. At a price of £7.50 a go, this item is not worth it, especially as my copy was also slightly warped. It seems to me that over the years we have lost the skills and techniques necessary to produce vibrant 45 RPM records.

  9. Mr Benton Reply

    I’m looking forward to these LP releases, and wondered is there any chance of the Mister Jerico soundtrack being released.
    The music is fantastic and by Laurie Johnson and is unreleased and the theme was sung by Lulu.

  10. Simon T Reply

    Such brilliant news. I bought all the CD soundtracks so really looking forward to these. Thanks Network.

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