On Sale Now: The Sweeney – The Original. The Best. 21Jan2013

It is an offence to impersonate a police officer – especially Jack Regan of the Sweeney!  

They are the Sweeney, son. And they haven’t had any dinner… Relive the most ground-breaking British police drama ever made. Regan and Carter are part of New Scotland Yard’s infamous Flying Squad. Mixing with London’s seedy underworld they clear the streets of the Smoke’s hardest criminals.  Seventies London has never looked this good – see the HD trailer above for the evidence.

Last week, Regan was listed as one of Time Out’s London Top Ten TV ‘Tecs, described as “The ’70s rozzer against which all others are measured,”; this week only, watch exclusive footage from behind the scenes, and pick up any of the following DVDs or Blu-rays from as little as a fiver!  Watch below, and scroll down further to buy.

Website Exclusive:  From ‘The Electric Theatre Show’ archive this is the only contemporary interview with John Thaw, Dennis Waterman and producer Ted Childs known to exist. It’s presented here in its raw, unedited form, cut as it was by the editor of the time and features a short mute sequence towards the end of presentation.

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Regan 3d smallRegan DVD 3d smallSweeney DVD 3d



  1. Smiffy Reply

    Very good morning,
    have brought quite a few network releases,
    want to know,
    when is series two of The Sweeney going to be relaesed on blu ray,
    as its nearly a year since series one came out,
    also do you have any plans to release on dvd,
    the orginal thames television Kenny Evereet show,
    cheers Smiffy.

  2. wayne beckett Reply

    Are there any plans to release the rest of The Sweeny on Blu ray? Or has it died a death? If so, can Network at least please give us a reason as to why? Usually you’re so good at being committed to releasing a entire series.

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