‘World in Action’ Back On Television! 11Jan2013

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This week sees the definitive, hard-hitting documentary series World in Action back on ITV for the first time in twenty years with episode one of The World in Action Years.

Lasting four decades (from the 60s to the 90s) this Granada-produced programme was fearless, trailblazing and hard-hitting, choosing subjects that other programmes would not dare to touch and regularly getting into trouble with the ITV regulators and – at times – the Government. These volumes include:

[] Mick Jagger: Personal appearance of Mick Jagger after the quashing of his jail sentence for being in possession of drugs, in which he discusses his attitude towards the society in which he lives with four leaders of the establishment.
[] The Quiet Mutiny: John Pilger Award-winning documentary on the growing mutinous feeling among the American troops posted to Viet Nam.
7953859 3D
[] The Birmingham 6 – Their Own Story: Exclusive interview with the Birmingham Six who tell what happened to them after they were arrested in 1974 and charged and convicted as responsible for the IRA Birmingham pub bombings.
[] Castro: A journey with Castro on one of his tours of Cuba by jeep, illustrating the importance he places on governing through personal contact with the people.
[] Why Dunblane?: WIA looks at the background of Thomas Hamilton, who shot dead 16 children and their teacher at Dunblane Primary School. Includes interviews with people who knew him through the Scout Association and the boys’ clubs he set up. Also examines current gun laws.
[] Why I Want to Be Leader: On the eve of the first ballot for the Tory party leadership, WIA looks at the character, lifestyle and career of Margaret Thatcher, one of the principal contenders in the leadership struggle.

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