Vinyl Soundtracks: Pre-buy 26Jan2015

We are delighted to announce the upcoming release of some very special soundtracks on vinyl. The Prisoner and Gideon’s Way will be getting the Network treatment and both are available to pre-buy exclusively from networkonair right now! There are a very limited number of the 12″ vinyl in gatefold sleeve packaging being made available, plus The Prisoner white vinyl which is presented in an overprinted transparent plastic sleeve limited to just 1,000 copies.

They will be presented on 180g ‘virgin’ vinyl featuring new transfers from original analogue tape elements. Ray Staff (internationally recognised for his work with Muse, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin among others) and John Webber at Sir George Martin’s legendary AIR studios who worked on the mastering/vinyl cutting; the high quality pressing done by the renowned Pallas pressing plant in Germany.

gideon vinyl 2dPrisoner vinyl 2dWhite Vinyl dummy 2

For the serious audiophile, a vinyl release is in essence an ‘artefact’, and the sleeve construction and design form an important part of the complete package: something that no digital download can deliver.

As with Network’s previous successful vinyl soundtrack releases, these new titles will be issued in deluxe gatefold sleeves, printed on high quality laminated card, replicating a style of packaging seen on many vintage album releases. The sleeve designs use original photographs and re-creations of the title graphics as they appeared on screen.

In addition, The Prisoner soundtrack is being made available in a very limited white vinyl edition. The white disc, with no labels, immediately brings to mind the iconic ‘Rover’ from the TV series, and is packaged in a transparent plastic sleeve, similar in style to those used on picture disc releases. The clear plastic sleeve is overprinted with an image of Patrick McGoohan’s face, so that when the disc is inserted, the whole package depicts the famous attack sequence, seen in numerous episodes, as Number 6 is ‘smothered’ by Rover. A full colour inlay card inserted behind the disc completes this highly collectable edition.

Network MD Tim Beddows on The Prisoner track selection

When we licensed The Prisoner from Granada Ventures in 2004 we were lucky enough to have almost unrestricted access to the ITC archive, and this presented the opportunity to thoroughly search for mislaid assets, different versions, some rumoured and some mythologised bits and pieces – some of which did indeed turn out to be mythological. This really is what drove our celebrated 2007 40th anniversary release and the subsequent, further improved Blu-ray issue later.

Although not necessarily lost but certainly in a bit of a mess were the original music tapes which we later released almost note-for-note complete. A worthy companion release certainly, punctuated with notes from masterly music editor Eric Mival and with some piecing together from esteemed Prisoner authorities, we were happy to issue it if only for the sake of completion. Now, in 2015, we have even more control over the source material and, indeed, the final output, which makes this new vinyl release the ultimate if you are a fan of the music element of the series. And who isn’t?

The track selections are based around the key themes used in the specifically-scored episodes (as well as Ron Grainer’s classic, timeless main themes, of course), many of which were omitted from an earlier vinyl release in the 1980s. That is the main draw here, whether you purchase the standard gatefold or the white vinyl Rover edition.

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Designer and Musician Martin Cater on Gideon’s Way

Back in 2009, when Network released The Music of ITC on CD, the sleeve notes stated that the incidental music cues for Gideon’s Way were believed lost. This was indeed the case… in 2009. But six years is a long time in archive television research – and as we continue to scour the vaults, blowing the dust from film and tape cans that have often been misplaced or even misidentified, several important archive recoveries have been made. Not the least of these has been the discovery of the missing incidental music tapes for this seminal ITC series.

Prior to our 2005 DVD release, Gideon’s Way was a forgotten series, remembered only by a few die-hard fans, and on its reappearance many were surprised at the stark realism of the material, especially compared with more typical ITC fare such as The Baron. It is now rightly regarded as a forerunner of the harder-edged, shot-on-the-streets realism that would characterise later series such as The Sweeney.

Uncompromising in its day, Gideon’s Way tackled some of the darker, more disturbing facets of detective work, and this downplayed, at times neo-realist approach is reflected in Edwin Astley’s incidental music score. The cues are often angry, dissonant and jarring – a far cry from the sprightly, upbeat themes that accompanied the exploits of Simon Templar. Gideon’s Way could hardly be called Music for Pleasure, but there is a lot more to the enjoyment of soundtrack albums than simply listening to pleasant melodies. These selections vividly conjur up a lost London of docklands, lock-up garages and dingy, gas-lit alleyways… a monochrome landscape that formed the brutal stamping ground of the villains of yesteryear.

It feels entirely appropriate that, for a series that is so much an artefact of the 1960s, the accompanying soundtrack should see its world premiere on a vinyl album mastered directly from the original analogue tapes. Network are proud to present this rare material for the first time on any format, and as with the accompanying release of The Prisoner, the utmost care and attention to detail has been taken in compiling and mastering these archive recordings.

And, that’s not all; to celebrate the brand new vinyl releases of The Prisoner and Gideon’s Way soundtracks we thought it was only right to revisit some of our other fantastic soundtrack releases. For a limited time only you can bag yourself some classics including Man in a Suitcase, The Saint, Strange Report, Danger Man and many more for up to 55% off!


  1. Phelings Reply

    Will this Gideons Way soundtrack also get a cd release? Does the vinyl include all the GW music that’s been recovered or would a cd be more complete ?

    • Paul Corser Reply

      Thats exactly my thoughts aswell. Would love to see a cd version although I have pre ordered this vynl version. If so much care has gone into this Gideon’s Way soundtrack, is it possible that a blu ray release of the series isnt far away? Tin God looked brilliant in HD on the sampler discs and I know for certain that it would be a great seller on BD. If not a full series, maybe a release of 5 episodes may surface? Anyway, looking forward to this release. CD and blu ray next please!

  2. Matt butcher Reply

    How much? Very interested

  3. Dennis Sisterson Reply

    Surely a Prisoner vinyl release should come with six identical copies of L’Arlesienne?

  4. James Nash Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I think the feature is spot on and would like to suggest the following:

    I have in the past suggested many of your current listings that now appear within your Network Catalogue and would like to suggest the following for Vinyl and CD Release as I am sure that many consumers who purchase these fantastic DVDs would also enjoy re-living past memories of the incidental music accompanied from past BBC and ATV productions. So here are my suggestions for future CD Soundtracks and incidental music from famous TV shows

    The Avengers

    (The Avengers has only ever been on 1 x LP from the former Marble Arch Records
    Theme from the ABC Television Series the Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra
    Stereo LP MALS 695 and Mono LP MAL 695 both of which were released in 1967

    The New Avengers

    (The New Avengers / Professionals Laurie Johnson & The Studio Orchestra issued by Unicorn/Kamchana – KPM 7009

    “The Avengers” Main Titles Time of Track 2:25

    Theme From “The New Avengers” Episode “Obsession” Time of Track 2:28

    Theme From “The New Avengers” Episode “Cat Amongst The Pigeons” Time of Track 2:51

    Theme From “The Avengers” Episode “Joker” Time of Track 2:30

    Theme From “The New Avengers” Episode “Tale Of The Big Why” Time of Track 3:20

    Theme From “The Avengers” Episode “Pandora” Time of Track 3:22

    “The New Avengers” Main Titles Time of Track 2:30

    The Professional Side B The Professionals (recorded at the Music Center, Wembley, Middlesex on 25th February 1980)

    Main Titles Time of Track 1:55

    Sleuthing Time of Track 3:05

    On The Scent Time of Track 2:06

    In Pursuit Time of Track 3:00

    Interlude Time of Track 2:22

    Waiting And Ambush Time of Track 2:50)

    The Persuaders

    The Professionals

    The Power Game

    The Onedin Line


    Howards Way

    (Would Love Network to release this on DVD)

    The Sweeney


    Thunderbirds Are Go

    (One of the most memorable set pieces was from an episode called the Cham Cham at Paradise Peaks – The resident musicians – The Cas Carnaby Five who plaed the instrumental ”The Dangerous Game” and then sung later by Lady Penelope who altered the melodic signature of the song.)

    Space 1999 for Seasons 1 and 2

    Hawaii Five O

    Composed and Conducted by Morton Stevens graduate from the Julliard Scool of Music who has become synonymous with this famous TV show from the 60s although released on Capitol Records ABL 1422 it has never been released on CD and to be quite honest is long overdue for a CD release.

  5. Darren Stuart Reply

    The only CD i bought (i hate CD’s) was The Protectors – James Cameron so this on vinyl please, and a soundtrack from This Is Tom Jones…..probably you couldn’t afford to do that? The finest ITC film score — The Medusa Touch by Michael J. Lewis, the trendy’s are all into horror vinyl, make a nice RSD release.

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