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UFO: HD Gallery 14Nov2016

The classic sci-fi series UFO from the legendary producer Gerry Anderson is now just days away from release and to give you an idea of the new picture quality we’ve selected a series of stills from the upcoming release…


LT. ELLIS – Moonbase Controller… issuing instructions to the Interceptors… Earth’s first line of defence against the aliens.


ALEC FREEMAN (SHADO Operative 97) and ED STRAKER maintaining watch in SHADO control.


 SKY ONE – ready for action in Earth’s atmosphere.


SURVIVAL – Work proceeds as normal at Moonbase… no one on the base realises that an alien ambush is imminent.


ED STRAKER, SHADO Supreme Commander. A former Colonel in the US Airforce, now working under the cover of a film studio executive, Straker is totally dedicated to his job of countering the alien menace as the head of SHADO.


FLIGHT PATH – Straker calculates how a UFO can attack moonbase undetected by approaching out of the rising sun.


FLIGHT PATH – Roper prepares to intercept the incoming UFO.


 CLOSE UP – near miss… but the UFO will be tracked to its home world by SHADO’s B142 probe.


SURVIVAL – an alien sniper takes aim at the Moonbase Leisure Sphere…


THE ALIENS… visitors from an unknown world… their mission… survival.


TIMELASH – Cigar smoke hangs motionless in the air as time stands still for Cmdr. Straker and Colonel Lake…


 TIMELASH – Straker stalks the traitorous SHADO operative Turner as time stands still…​


  1. Jim Greer Reply

    Very much looking forward to receiving my pre-ordered copy of UFO. One of my favourite series of all time and always just as exciting every time I see it. Really thrilled about this new release.

  2. Tom Casey Reply

    It’s Friday the 11th November & I’ve had an e-mail telling me it will arrive on Monday.
    Those 2 days are gonna be hell, but I’m sure looking forward to getting this set.

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