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    Soap Box: Volume 1

    Loved by millions, soap operas have become a regular part of people's lives. A staple part of British television culture over the last fifty years, our devoted interest in the dramatic, funny and sometimes tragic situations of characters we've come to know and love always keeps us coming back for more.

    So meet some old friends and rediscover some classic moments in a four disc set that contains episodes of Coronation Street, Emmerdale Farm, The Cedar Tree, For Maddie With Love, General Hospital, Parkin's Patch and more!

    Coronation Street
    Stuck in the train, Ray and Deirdre become fearful over the unanswered phone. Emily grows concerned about Tracy's crying and persuades Ernie to break a window so they can enter the house.
    Written by H.V. Kershaw
    Directed by Philip Draycott
    Original ITV Transmission 20 June 1977

    Meg and David come into conflict over Adam’s business practices. Arthur consents to a summary trial when he’s accused of indecently assaulting Iris.
    Written by Joshua Adam, David Garfield and Arthur Schmidt
    Directed by Dorothy Denham
    Original ITV Transmission 24 March 1981

    Rooms – Monica part 1
    No. 35 Mafeking Terrace, London W14 is converted into bedsitters. Dorothy and Clive live in the basement and wonder why lodger Tony is so secretive.
    Written by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham
    Directed by Jonathan Alwyn
    Original ITV Transmission 5 November 1974

    It's Mike's birthday and he's in a bad mood as his business is in trouble. He makes the decision to go to Australia.
    Written by Kay Mellor
    Directed by Nicholas Ferguson
    Original ITV Transmission 23 April 1990

    For Maddie With Love
    Travelling by train with her son Neil, Maddie has a fit. She convinces herself it's unimportant but when she has another Neil persuades her to see a neurologist.
    Written by Douglas Watkinson
    Directed by Dennis Vance
    Original ITV Transmission 1 May 1980

    The Cedar Tree – Victoria
    The depress '30s have begun and the cold wind is felt even at Larkfield manor, elegant ancestral home of the Bourne family.
    Written by Alfred Shaughnessy
    Directed by Ian Fordyce
    Original ITV Transmission 20 September 1976

    Marked PERSONAL
    Georgina Layton feels lost but determined as she walks through the doors of BYA, a vast industrial concern.
    Written by Leslie Duxbury
    Directed by John Russell
    Original ITV Transmission 30 October 1973

    Coronation Street
    Annie looks forward to showing off her new monogrammed carpet to the Lady Victuallers at a sherry party until Bet tells her that the carpet is actually from the Alhambra Weatherfield Bingo Hall...
    Written by John Stevenson
    Directed by Philip Draycott
    Original ITV Transmission 21 September 1977

    General Hospital
    Martin Baxter discovers that a simple fracture has strange complications while colleague Peter Ridge finds an unwelcome intruder in his ward.
    Written by Max Marquis
    Directed by Shaun O'Riordan
    Original ITV Transmission 19 October 1972

    Emmerdale Farm
    Unhappiness is nothing new for Annie, but Emmerdale Farm's sorrow seems too cruel for her to bear.
    Written by Kevin Laffan
    Directed by Paddy Russell
    Original ITV Transmission 13 January 1976

    Harriet’s Back in Town
    Harriet Preston watches her ex-husband Tom leave the divorce court with the glamorous young model who has shattered their marriage.
    Written by Peter Yeldham
    Directed by John Russell
    Original ITV Transmission 17 October 1972

    Parkin’s Patch – Hoof Nor Horn
    The unit beat system of policing any patch often relies on information received. When sheep disappear from local farms, Moss Parkin has to use a most unlikely informant.
    Written by Robert Barr
    Directed by Michael Apted
    Original ITV Transmission 19 September 1969

    The Practice
    Kev Eccles has a shock when he turns up for a vasectomy, Justine Montgomery receives bad news about her unborn child and Les Uttley will not accept that something is seriuosly wrong with his heart.
    Written by Mike Stott
    Directed by Sarah Harding
    Original ITV Transmission 18 January 1985

    Weavers Green
    A reflection of life and drama surrounding the practice of a country vet.
    Written by Peter and Betty Lambda
    Directed by June Howson
    Original ITV Transmission 7 April 1966

    Tragedy comes to Emmerdale when The Kings River Development show home is hit by a gas explosion.
    Written by John Chambers
    Directed by Duncan Foster
    Original ITV Transmission 13 July 2006

    London Bridge
    Mary has moved into the Millhouse and a woman, Linda Vale, has been found raped and murdered on the bank of the river behind the building.
    Written by Michael Crompton
    Directed by Crispin Reece
    Original ITV Transmission 15 February 1996

    Stephen is due back from Spain and is eager to see the completion of the company's first sale to America.
    Written by Tessa Diamond
    Directed by Mervyn Cumming
    Original ITV Transmission 2 January 1985

    Albion Market
    Lynne is excited about husband Roy coming out of jail the following day but Lisa isn't so sure. An unknown arsonist sets fire to a stall and chaos reigns.
    Written by Paul Whalley
    Directed by Gareth Jones
    Original ITV Transmission 30 August 1985

    Emergency: Ward 10 - Shadow of a Clown
    A nameless man is brought into the Oxbridge – and Dr. Brook over-reaches his authority in trying to probe the mystery of the patient they have labelled plain ‘John Smith’.
    Written by Don Houghton
    Directed by Alasatir Reid
    Original ITV Transmission 11 October 1966

    The Bill - 20th Anniversary Edition
    This was a special, live broadcast episode to mark the 20th year of production of the police drama. Things go from bad to worse when Becker and Bradford are taken hostage
    Written by Tom Needham
    Directed by Sylvie Boden
    Original ITV Transmission 30 October 2003

    Market in Honey Lane – Nothing’s For Nothing
    When stall-holder Jimmy Bentall falls on rough times, it’s a job to pick the song-birds from the vultures.
    Written by Louis Marks
    Directed by David Reid
    Original ITV Transmission 3 April 1967

    Family and friends gather for Rachel and Gabriel's wedding but not everything goes to plan!
    Written by Sally Wainwright
    Directed by Simon Massey
    Original ITV Transmission 6 October 1994


    Call Oxbridge 2000 (sole surviving episode)
    John Rennie has given up his post as anaesthetist at Oxbridge General Hospital to join his uncle in private practice on the outskirts of town. He finds the first day very different from hospital life.
    Written by Diana Morgan
    Directed by Rex Firkin
    Original ITV Transmission 24 September 1961

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    • Classification 15
    • Number of Discs 4
    • Picture 1.33:1 / 16:9 / Colour / Black and White
    • Sound Mono / English
    • Subtitles None
    • Region 2 / PAL
    • Time 680 mins approx
    • Short Name Soap Box 1
    Rebecca J

    Hours of soap fun

    Some great single episode choices here. The two Corries are total classics showing both their best foot forward in humour and drama, and for Emmerdale it's the Skilbeck twins' exit and the show-homes spectacle. The Market In Honey Lane is a real find; great quality b&w telly and it's not the only gem here. Amazing how many of these stand up outside of the context of surrounding episodes! On the downside the Crossroads episode was nothing special but even in that it's a representative example of that low budget series.

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    Soap Box: Volume 1

    Soap Box: Volume 1

    Loved by millions, soap operas have become a regular part of people's lives. A staple part of British television culture over the last fifty years, our devoted interest in the dramatic, funny and sometimes tragic situations of characters we've come

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