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    Professionals (The): Mk I


    Long-awaited, long-overdue: The Professionals as you have never seen them before.
    Bodie and Doyle need little by way of introduction but if the series had at all escaped you since its debut in 1977, their boss George Cowley, head of CI5 couldn't put it more succinctly than his opening gambit "anarchy, acts of terror, crimes against the public. To combat it I've got special men – experts from the army, the police, from every service. These are The Professionals".
    Featuring the perfect ensemble cast of Martin Shaw, Gordon Jackson (completely against type here) and the much-missed Lewis Collins, the series ran for 57 action-packed episodes and made an immediate impact on British and then international audiences which has sustained 35 years. But the series has never looked this good. Painstakingly restored from the camera-original negatives the series could have been made yesterday. No matter how many times you have seen The Professionals, this is a new experience, like seeing it for the first time.
    [] Brand new high definition restorations of the first thirteen episodes from the camera-original negatives
    [] Brand new 5.1 tracks from original sound elements
    [] Remastered original as-broadcast mono tracks
    [] Remastered music-only tracks featuring Laurie Johnson's original scores
    [] Photo galleries featuring hundreds of rare and previously unseen images
    [] Reinstated original main and end titles
    [] Exclusive book and programme notes authored by tv historian Andrew Pixley which documents the complete history of the production of these first thirteen episodes
    [] Without Walls documentary from 1996 featuring interviews with the creative driving force behind the series
    [] PDF material featuring scripts, rare paperwork
    [] Footage archive featuring additional material, raw titles, advert break bumpers and more
    [] English HOH subtitles

      • Catalogue Number : 7953980
      • Available Since : 15/01/2014
      • Classification 15
      • Number of Discs 5
      • Picture 1.33:1 / Colour
      • Sound 5.1 / Mono / English
      • Subtitles English
      • Region 0 / PAL
      • Time 650 mins + extras
      Joe Young

      Truly amazing!

      Wow! This much anticipated release of The Professionals delivers on every aspect of the promises made. The quality is quite simply,......absolutely stunning. With every previous release of this great series we were promised better quality each time, but all we got was the same murky, grubby, grainy picture quality we had been seeing since the first release with maybe a slight change in the colour hue. What I have just viewed is a bright, pristine, crisp picture with terrific definition and the colours are rich and natural looking. The grain has gone forever, giving us the most perfect viewing experience we could ever hope for. The price of £17.35 for this first series is incredible value for money! and the 'extra's disc' is an absolute treasure chest for fans.

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      Professionals (The): Mk I

      Professionals (The): Mk I


      Long-awaited, long-overdue: The Professionals as you have never seen them before.

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