Edgar Wallace Presents: Crossroads to Crime

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Unfortunately for Crossroads to Crime the legend of it being intolerable rubbish has turned off more than a few potential viewers over the 50+ years since it was first filmed. A point of view endlessly re-iterated by both cast and crew (even up to and including the recently-filmed featurette included on this set) one can't help but believe that this continual downer is more to do with the circumstances under which it was filmed as opposed to the actual film itself. Made in a very small amount of time for a very small amount of money, its parsimonious and stressful genesis has undoubtedly coloured their experience, which is hardly surprising.

Crossroads to Crime

Is it really unremittingly awful? Of course not. It is betrayed by its cheap origins, certainly, and Gerry Anderson's slightly-pedestrian direction would be best described as 'workmanlike' but it is no better or worse than the majority of Anglo-Amalgamated's Edgar Wallace range and, if one is in the right frame of mind, it can be very entertaining (though not always for the right reasons). Both George Murcell and Ferdy Mayne turn in fun, somewhat arch performances which are always worth watching, and some amusement can even be derived from lead actor Anthony Oliver struggling manfully with his role, though it really is under-developed. Where Oliver does impress, however, is with his mutant ability to leap onto the side of a speeding car and just hang there like a blue serge limpet as it careers down the main road at a not-inconsiderable speed - I'm still not sure how he didn't fall off.

Steve Rogers

Crossroads to Crime


This crime thriller for Anglo-Amalgamated was Gerry Anderson’s directorial film debut, and the only feature-length production to be made by AP Films, co-founded by the legendary puppet pioneer in 1957.

Released in 1960 between the making of Four Feather Falls and Supercar, Crossroads to Crime features the talents of several of Anderson’s later Supermarionation collaborators, including George Murcell, David Graham, Anderson’s future wife Sylvia and Barry Gray, whose iconic themes famously complemented the Supermarionation series of the 1960s. The film negative was physically edited in the 1960s to replace the original titles with ones for the Edgar Wallace Mystery series and it is from these film elements that this brand-new transfer has been made. The original titles are included as a separate special feature.

PC Don Ross suspects that a gang of lorry hijackers, operating from a transport café, is behind a series of vehicle thefts. When his suspicions are dismissed by his superiors, Ross decides to conduct his own undercover investigation, and sets out to collect vital evidence that could convict the gang...

[] Original UK titles
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[] Crossroads To Crime Remembered: a brand-new retrospective featuring contributions from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

Crossroads to Crime

Number of Discs
1.33:1 / Black and White
Mono / English
2 / PAL
54 mins approx