World in Action: Volume 4

Format: DVD

World in Action was, undoubtedly, ITV's flagship current-affairs series. Over four decades this multiple BAFTA winner was fearless, trailblazing and hard-hitting in its coverage of subjects that other programmes would not dare to touch – earning the ire of ITV regulators and, at times, the Government, with the team often investigating stories at their own personal risk.

This volume comprises 23 programmes covering major stories from the '60s to the '90s; these include the 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the Angry Brigade trials in London, EXIT's 'suicide manual', New York's drug-fuelled crime wave, the Bhopal factory disaster, and the NHS in crisis.

World in Action looks at the plight of families living in squalor in the slums of London's East End.

After the War?
Broadcast during the Arab-Israeli war of 1967, this episode includes interviews with political leaders of both sides.

The O'Rahilly File
Ronan O'Rahilly talks to WIA about his pirate radio ship, Radio Caroline, and why he rebels against the established laws of society.

Listen, Whitey
Transmitted four days after his assassination, this programme examines the reaction of black communities and leaders to the death of civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

The Life and Death of James Griffiths
A character study of Glasgow gunman James Griffiths. It includes a reconstruction of the rampage in which he shot several people, ending in a shootout between Griffiths and the police.

Where Crime Is a Habit
A look at drug-related crime in New York, and the methods used in tackling it.

The 22-Year Itch
A look at the cause and effects of the slump in the British film industry; interviewees include Tony Garnett, Bryan Forbes, Michael Caine, John Boulting and John Terry.

The Dumping Grounds
WIA visits the barren 'homelands' of South Africa where, without warning, entire townships of black South Africans had been forcibly transported from their homes and work.

Square One
WIA looks at the bitter confrontation between Catholic Ireland and Protestant England for Ulster; at a time of fresh violence, it seemed Ulster was back to square one.

The Angry Brigade
A report on this English guerilla movement, including an interview with Anna Mendelssohn on the day she was sentenced to 10 years in jail for her involvement in a bombing plot.

Conversations with a Gay Liberal
When Sam Green stood for election to Durham City Council, he was elected despite announcing he was gay. WIA went to Durham to find out if social attitudes really were changing.

The Prison Children
A look at the problem of young offenders who are so far beyond control that they have to be sent to remand centres while awaiting trial.

Starting on the Dole
A look at youth unemployment, focusing on two typical Liverpudlian youngsters.

Working for a Pittance
WIA investigates the work, conditions and shockingly low pay of people with physical and mental disabilities employed in council and hospital workshops.

Armchair Inferno
A look into the dangers of polyurethane foam, commonly used in the manufacture of furniture, featuring interviews with survivors of house fires.

A Dignified Exit
A film examining the issues raised by the planned publication of a 'suicide manual' by EXIT.

The Silent Epidemic
A report on a fatal disease long mistaken as an aspect of old age: Alzheimer's. It is argued that medical research into the elderly is inadequate.

National Health Service
A look at the crisis of confidence within the NHS, and looming industrial action.

Softly Softly, Strike Force
Nine months into the miners' strike, WIA visits the pit villages of Yorkshire, comparing West Yorkshire Police's softly-softly approach and the more offensive tactics in South Yorkshire.

The Last Days of Juliet Lima
A film examining the last days of the British Airtours Boeing 737, which caught fire at Manchester airport in August of 1985.

Bhopal - Tragedy Without End
Three and a half years after the world's worst industrial disaster at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, WIA returns to examine the plight of surviving victims awaiting compensation.

Inside Saddam's Stronghold
After the invasion of Kuwait, WIA visits Iraq to assess the level of support for Saddam Hussein.

World in Action: 30 Years
A compilation encompassing three decades of World in Action: topics include The Great Food Scandal, Scotland Yard's cocaine connection, Bloody Sunday and the trial of the Birmingham Six.

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1.33:1 / Black and White / Colour
Mono / English
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628 mins approx