Seventies (The): The Complete Series

Format: DVD

Produced by Emmy award-winning Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog, The Seventies is the second series in the acclaimed documentary strand chronicling American society and popular culture in the later twentieth century.

The Seventies

In many ways, the 1970s were as dramatic as the 1960s. America lost its first war and endured two energy crises – and a president resigned after an unprecedented political scandal. Television tackled once-taboo subjects, while in a decade of cultural diversity, popular music enjoyed a multi-genre explosion. There was a revolution in sexual mores and gender roles; serial killings and other violent crime kept the nation on edge, and bombing, hijacking  and hostage-taking introduced the world to the modern face of terrorism.

This epic series uses rare archival footage and interviews with renowned journalists, historians, musicians and television cast and crew to paint a vivid and compelling portrait of a decade of lasting consequence.

The Seventies

United States v. Nixon
A "third rate burglary" leads to the only presidential resignation in American history.

Television Gets Real
With increasingly sophisticated programming, television finds a new maturity.

"Peace with Honor"
The country begins to come to terms with the impact of the war in Vietnam.

Terrorism at Home and Abroad
The birth and evolution of terrorism as we know it today.

What's Going On
Pop music explodes into new genres, as established artists find a new creative voice.

"The State of the Union is Not Good"
America seems to go from bad to worse as the country careens from crisis to crisis.

Battle of the Sexes
America undergoes a seismic shift in sexual mores, customs and gender roles.

Crimes and Cults
An unprecedented wave of violent crime grips America.

Number of Discs
1.78:1 / Colour
Stereo / English
2 / PAL
336 mins