After Henry: The Complete Series 4

After Henry: The Complete Series 4

Format: DVD

BAFTA-nominated comedy Aft er Henry follows the comfortable middle-class lives of three women – except that, for one of them, life isn’t all that comfortable. Sarah has been left well provided for by her late husband, but she has also been left with a demanding mother and a prickly adolescent daughter who craves independence – just as long as mother is there to pick up the mess...

Starring Prunella Scales (Fawlty Towers) as the put-upon Sarah and Joan Sanderson (Please Sir!) as Eleanor, her interfering, waspish mother, After Henry is written by multiple BAFTA nominee Simon Brett (Rosemary and Thyme); Liddy Oldroyd (Drop the Dead Donkey) directs this fourth series, originally shown in 1992.

Dependent Relatives
Clare’s away in Australia and the spark seems to have gone out of Eleanor’s social life. Th e trouble is, she won’t tell Sarah what’s wrong.

Poor Relations
Th e arrival of some young relatives of Vera Poling’s gives Eleanor the chance to play Lady Bountiful – though, of course, she doesn’t tell Sarah what she’s doing.

A Fully Extended Family
Clare’s back from Australia, refusing to talk about her time out there. Eleanor, however, is sure she knows what really happened to her granddaughter.

Yes and No
Clare’s confidence is still so battered after her break-up with Edward that Sarah suggests a course of self-assertiveness training.

The Married Man
Clare, on the rebound from her affair with Edward, takes up with someone totally unsuitable. Sarah’s patience is stretched and Eleanor, needless to say, misinterprets the situation.

The Other Married Man
Sarah, having fixed Clare’s problems with an unsuitable man, finds herself in a worryingly similar situation. Eleanor, as ever, gets the wrong end of the stick...

After Henry: The Complete Series 4
Number of Discs
1.33:1 / Colour
Mono / English
2 / PAL
150 mins approx