Four Feather Falls: The Complete Series

Four Feather Falls: The Complete Series

Format: DVD

Gerry Anderson’s first Supermarionation series!

When Sheriff Tex Tucker saves a young Indian boy, his father – a great Indian chief – gives him the gift of four magic feathers. Two of them allow the Sheriff’s companions (Dusty the dog and Rocky the horse) to talk and the other two allow his guns to fire automatically whenever he is in danger. This charming puppet series was Gerry Anderson’s first Supermarionation series – a process which uses electronic lip-synch and eye movement, a technique he was later to perfect on shows like SUPERCAR and THUNDERBIRDS. The complete series of 39 episodes has not been seen anywhere in the world for decades and is presented here in a digitally remastered format.

This wonderful, fun children’s series will appeal to people who enjoyed Network’s release of SPACE PATROL and SUPERCAR, fans of Gerry Anderson’s puppet series (THUNDERBIRDS, CAPTAIN SCARLET) and archive television fans.

This set contains the following episodes:

How It Began • Kidnapped • Pedro Has A Plan • Pedro's Pardon • A Close Shave • Indian Attack • Sheriff For A Day • Dusty Becomes Deputy • Gunrunners • Trouble At Yellow Gulch • Frame-Up • Gold Diggers • Gold Is Where You Find It • Trapped • Best Laid Schemes... • Escort • The Toughest Guy In The West • Ghost Of A Chance • Gunplay • A Lawman Rides Alone • Jailbreak • A Little Bit Of Luck • Landgrabbers • Once A Lawman • Election Day • Gunfight On Main Street • A Bad Name • Horse Thieves • The Ma Jones Story • Bandits Abroad • A Cure For Everything • Teething Troubles • Buffalo Rocky • Safe As Houses • First Train Through • Happy Birthday • Fancy Shootin' • Ambush • Ride 'Em Cowboy

This set contains the following special features:

• commentaries with Gerry Anderson
• Six promotional trailers
• Stills gallery with Barry Gray’s original music
• Barry Gray Home Movie Press Call Footage
• Original Barry Gray Paperwork pdfs
• Four Feather Falls Annual pdf

Four Feather Falls: The Complete Series
Number of Discs
4:3 / Black and White
2 / PAL
585 mins + extras