Bulldog Drummond Double Bill

Bulldog Drummond Double Bill

Format: DVD

Richard Johnson is Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond!

Join "Bulldog" Drummond in two of his groovy Sixties adventures - daring escapes, murderous plots, dolly birds by the score - it's all in a day's work for "Bulldog" Drummond!

DEADLIER THAN THE MALE: When insurance underwriter Hugh Drummond learns of the deaths of top oil executives - at the hands of the beautiful but brutal Irma and Penelope - he is convinced that it is the work of an international crime syndicate and decides to investigate. When Drummond's nephew arrives suddenly from America to stay with him, the two men find themselves dangerously involved with the deadly ladies. Drummond discovers that the mystery syndicate is after a big oil concession and to secure this they must kill the young King of Akmata.

Starring Elke Sommer, Sylvia Koschina and Nigel Green

SOME GIRLS DO: Drummond is on the trail of his nemesis, the devious Carl Petersen. Peterson is hell-bent on stopping the British military from testing a new and improved fighter airplane and Drummond has to stop him. What he didn't bank on, however, was that Peterson is protected by a gang of armed, gorgeous female androids who will stop at nothing to carry out their orders.

Starring James Villiers, Sydne Rome and Robert Morley

DEADLIER THAN THE MALE is being shown here for the first time in a transfer taken from the new High Definition version of the film. SOME GIRLS DO has never previously been available in any format and it is the first time it has been seen since its original cinematic release in 1969. The other special features on this set are:

• Trailers

• On-set interviews with Elke Sommer, Richard Johnson, Sylvia Koscina, Nigel Green and Steve Carlsson

• Two previously unseen location reports

• image gallery

• textless footage

Bulldog Drummond Double Bill
Number of Discs
16:9 and 4:3 / Colour
Mono / English
2 / PAL
300 mins