Capricorn One

Capricorn One

Format: DVD

The mission was a sham. The murders were real.

The whole world is watching the first manned flight to Mars, but its three astronauts are plunged into a hair-raising battle for survival within a clandestine operation involving intrigue and murder.

The astronauts are removed from their spacecraft to an abandoned desert hangar and told that their life support systems have malfunctioned. They are ordered to participate in an elaborate charade, simulating a Martian landing as cameras roll and with the entire world as an audience. The astronauts have no choice but to co-operate. Not only does the director of NASA inform them that their mission’s success is crucial to the future space programmes but threatens their families’ lives as well.

On a nearby sound stage, a simulated walk on Mars is set. As the flight apparently proceeds on schedule, a NASA technician notices a discrepancy in a computer read-out. Receiving no co-operation from his supervisors, he casually mentions the incident to his friend, reporter Robert Caulfield. Intrigued with the possibility of a government cover-up, Caulfield and a colleague search for the truth. After news reaches the captive astronauts that their rocket disintegrated upon re-entry and the world believes them dead, they know their very existence poses a threat to national security. The three astronauts escape and separate, hoping that one of them will live to expose the sensational fraud.

This classic sci-fi/conspiracy film stars Elliot Gould, James Brolin, Sam Waterston, Brenda Vaccaro, O.J. Simpson and Telly Savalas.

This movie has been sourced from a new, digitally restored High Definition transfer. It also includes:

• the original theatrical trailer

• What If…? The Making Of “Capricorn One”

• Location Report (Desert Filming)

• Location Report (Studio Filming)

Capricorn One
Number of Discs
2.35:1 / Colour
Stereo / English
2 / PAL
123 mins