Prom Night: The Hamilton High Collection

Prom Night: The Hamilton High Collection

Format: DVD

This special boxed set contains all four movies in the highly-successful PROM NIGHT horror series.

Prom Night

April 1973 – a game of “Murder” between schoolfriends results in the tragic, accidental death of a young girl. Seven years pass…It’s the anniversary of the little girl’s death and the same group of schoolfriends are now preparing for their Senior Prom, but none of them had bargained on an axe-wielding, homicidal maniac coming to the disco party…

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

1957. A spark from a smoke bomb ignites Mary Lou Maloney's dress and she goes up in flames, turning her into a human torch. Thirty years pass... Vicki Carpenter's personality changes and she begins to have visions and premonitions, complete with flashbacks to the 1950s. Mary Lou Maloney is in possession of Vicki's body and she is trying to come back and enact her terrible revenge on the students of Hamilton High.

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss

Alex Grey, an average high school student who thinks he’s died and gone to heaven when he meets and falls in love with the vengeful spirit of Mary Lou Maloney , Hamilton High’s 1957 Prom Queen who perished in a tragic fire on the night of her prom.

Prom Nght IV: Deliver Us From Evil

Hamilton High School, 1957: an over-amorous couple are surprised to death by Father Jonas, a psychotic young priest he is locked up in a church basement and drugged insensible by the Church. Thirty-three years pass...When a trainee priest neglects to give Father Jonas his medication, the deranged priest escapes his captivity, hiding out in a cabin in the woods from where he can wage his war against the sinful.

Prom Night: The Hamilton High Collection
Number of Discs
1.85:1 / 4:3 Colour
Mono / Stereo
380 minutes