Some People

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Arguably the first British film to treat teenagers as real people with real problems, award-winning director Clive Donner's film was, and remains, a startlingly vivid portrait of a group of kids who just want to lift themselves out of the rut in which life has placed them. Set, and shot, in early 1960s' Bristol, Some People crackles with a youthful, slightly anarchic energy and is lovingly shot in Eastmancolour by John Wilcox - one of the key cinematographers in British film at that time. Steering well clear of fun-filled red Routemasters and lysergic psychedelia (the bookend parameters for any 1960s musical), this is very much its own film and all the better for it.

Showcasing the acting talents of a group of youths destined to go on to greater things, Some People features winning performances from Ray Brooks, Anneke Wills, Angela Douglas and - stealing every scene he's in - an exceptionally young David Hemmings (who looks like he's bunked off school for the day just to film his scenes). Their youth and vitality lift Some People way above its humble origins (basically a promotional film for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards), creating a fun to watch film that leaves you in no doubt that you are very definitely viewing a snapshot of the times as they played out.

Harry Martineau

Some People


A lively musical tale of teen rebellion, Some People stars BAFTA winner Kenneth More alongside a group of young actors on the cusp of bursting onto the Swinging London film scene. Ray Brooks, Annika (Anneke) Wills and David Hemmings play the young, bored rebels “living for kicks” in this key British film from the early 1960s. Some People is featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Young and bored, Johnnie, Bill and Bert are teenaged tearaways whose only interests are motorbikes and rock music. When they are banned from riding and fined heavily, they become convinced that society has no use for them. But a choirmaster finds them playing rock on a church organ and, for some of them at least, there seems to be a way out of a no-hope situation...

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