Return of the Saint (The): The Complete Series

Return of the Saint (The): The Complete Series

Format: DVD

Taking up the mantle of Roger Moore’s dashing 1960s superhero, and based on Leslie Charteris’ international playboy and modern-day Robin Hood, Ogilvy is the definitive Simon Templar. Jet-setting around the globe and stealing from the rich and pocketing the spoils, he’s also got one eye for the ladies – a trait that usually leads to trouble…

After a decade away from the small screen, 1978 saw The Return Of The Saint, with a harder edge reflecting the change in cultural and global politics since the Swinging Sixties. As well as containing all 24 episodes of this iconic show, this set also comes packed with special features:

• The Saint Steps In... to the 70s - Narrated by Sir Roger Moore, this is a unique and exclusive documentary on the making of the series which features contributions from Ian Ogilvy, producer Robert S. Baker and others involved with the production of the series Written and produced by Ian Dickerson
• four exclusive commentaries featuring Ian Ogilvy, producer Robert S. Baker, production manager Malcolm Christopher and writer John Goldsmith
• The Saint and the Brave Goose – feature-length version of the Collision Course two-parter which is presented in its episodic format on discs four and five.
• Episodic Image gallery with music suite
• Title sequence storyboard gallery
• Return of The Saint Script Archive - Presented here in PDF format are original scripts (plus some changes and meeting notes) for Return of the Saint. They are included here courtesy of Ian Dickerson. These PDFs can only be viewed on suitable software on a PC/Mac and cannot be viewed on your DVD player. The scripts are: Appointment in Florence, Assault Force, The Debt Collectors, The Diplomat’s Daughter, Hot Run, Nightmare Man, The Obono Affair, The Poppy Chain, Tower Bridge is Falling Down and Vicious Circle. Also included is Prince of Darkness – an unproduced script in which the Saint fights vampires!
• Promotional image gallery
• Memorabilia image gallery
• ITC Home Video trailer
• European titles featuring vocal theme "Taking it Easy" by Oliver Onions
• Previously unseen rushes from the title sequence (mute)
• Commercial Break Bumpers
• Textless material (mute)
• The Saint at Elstree featurette - A plaque honouring Roger Moore is unveiled at Elstree Studios in December 2006
• Return of The Saint annuals in PDF format (1979 & 1980)
• PDF of original colour publicity brochure
• PDF of original Look In and TV Times articles

Return of the Saint (The): The Complete Series
Number of Discs
1200 mins approx + extras