Tony Manero

Format: DVD

Santiago de Chile, 1978. As Pinochet’s oppressive dictatorship continues to stamp down hard on civil liberties, Raúl Peralta escapes from the tedium of everyday life by leading a small group of dancers and obsessing about Tony Manero, John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever. He lives for Saturday nights, when he unleashes his passion for the fi lm’s music by imitating his idol. His dream of becoming a successful showbiz star takes a step closer to reality when the national television station announces a Tony Manero impersonation contest.

But it’s a rocky road to fulfi lling his dreams. Prepared to go to any lengths to win, the sociopathic Raúl’s urge to become Tony Manero drives him to commit a series of crimes while his dancing partners - who are involved in clandestine activities against Pinochet’s regime - continue to be persecuted by the government’s secret police...

Chilean director Pablo Larraín shows an astonishing use of cinematic technique in only his second film, its raw, hand-held camerawork and use of extreme close-ups giving the film a pace and tension that drives the story headlong to its shattering conclusion. Critics raved about both the film and its star, Alfredo Castro, with Bizarre calling him “exceptional” and noting that he “plays the psycho dancer with chilling conviction” and Uncut calling the film “a highly original portrait of a sociopath in a corrupt, festering, morally bankrupt society... compulsive viewing.”

Tony Manero is a brave, multi-layered thriller that confronts one of the darkest chapters in modern Chilean history - tragic, blackly humorous, and utterly compelling.


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