David Nixon: Magic Man1 Comment

November 9, 2018 From the mid 1950s until his untimely death in 1978 at the age of just 58, David Nixon was one of the most familiar faces on British television. Known as […]   Read More

Kim Newman on Death Line1 Comment

October 29, 2018 A few thoughts on Death Line (1972), a great British film directed by an American, Gary Sherman.  The Establishment, handily represented by six foot five Christopher Lee in a bowler hat, has […]   Read More

Kim Newman on Miss Leslie’s Dolls

October 19, 2018 ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m not spending one more minute in this cemetery.’ This obscure, fringe effort from the early 1970s is a picture few saw it on […]   Read More

Kim Newman on Assault

October 15, 2018 Posh schoolgirl Tessa Hurst (Lesley-Anne Down), whose pink miniskirt seems inches shorter than her classmates’, takes a short cut home through a ravine called Devil’s End, where a thrumming electricity […]   Read More

High Definition 901 Comment

October 5, 2018 I’d only partially been involved with the creation of the DVD masters of Captain Scarlet – having cleaned-up a few episodes – so the chance to create new HD masters of […]   Read More

Joe 90 at 50

September 29, 2018 Fifty years on to the day from his television debut, Joe 90 makes his first appearance in the medium of blu-ray, with the quality of these newly-restored episodes coming as a revelation. […]   Read More

A Brief History of Thames2 Comments

July 30, 2018 On 30 July, Thames Television turns 50. It’s fair to say that the Thames brand is a true landmark in British television (appropriately enough, considering the number of London landmarks […]   Read More

Man In A…Hillman Imp???3 Comments

June 22, 2018 A brief investigation of McGill’s choice of motors… Think of any TV detective or action hero from the ’60s or ’70s and you’ll almost invariably think of their car. Where […]   Read More