Stingray: Super Space Theater

August 5, 2022

By Chris Dale In the early 1980s, Vice President of Creative Affairs at ITC New York, Robert Mandell, and consultant David Hirsch embarked on a project that aimed to raise awareness […]

Turning 25: Hot Film & TV

July 29, 2022

By George Bass (Contributor New York Times | The Guardian | New Scientist) The first DVD was sold in March 1997, and Network weren’t far behind in opening up shop. While the […]

Thank You

July 22, 2022

By Tim Beddows, Managing Director, Network Distributing Ltd Many, many thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to reply to the public information film piece last week. It’s […]

Best of British

June 24, 2022

By Simon Ward (a writer whose books include The Wit and Wisdom of James Bond, Snowpiercer: The Art and Making of the Film, Aliens: The Set Photography, Okja: The Art and Making of the Film and Making Moon: […]

Sid Abbott: Average Family Man?

June 17, 2022

By Aaron Brown (comedy historian and fan, and Editor of British Comedy Guide, promoting British comedy of all varieties to audiences across the globe) It would not be unfair to describe the confused […]

Cult Classics on Blu-ray

May 27, 2022

By George Bass (Contributor New York Times | The Guardian | New Scientist) It’s strange to think that, in the time before broadband and digital renting, access to well-regarded films and TV […]

The Danziger Brothers: A Celebration

May 6, 2022

By Film Historian Andrew Roberts MA PhD FRSA In the 1950s and 1960s, the names of Harry Lee and Edward J. Danziger were synonymous with films and television programmes that seemed […]