Gems Rediscovered: Till Death Us Do Part

January 18, 2019

Till Death Us Do Part… found, restored, released at last.

‘Wiped? Me? Bloody wiped? Bloody marvellous, innit? What do they think they’re playing at? But I’ve got the last laugh, ain’t I? Because I ain’t bloody wiped at all! I’ve been here all along, in me pinny, wallpapering the front room for the silly moo! Someone’s only gone and found the film, haven’t they… about bloody time too, if you ask me. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve gone and stuck it on a DVD and Blu-ray with my bloody feature film on there and all. I dunno about that cover, though… me, in me birthday suit, holding me pipe over me unmentionables! Of course, it’s from Network, innit. Stands to reason…’

In case Alf’s rant doesn’t make it clear, Network’s DVD and Blu-ray release of the 1968 film Till Death Us Do Part is not only superbly restored in high definition… it comes with the added bonus of a lost episode. Sex Before Marriage was broadcast only once by the BBC before disappearing into oblivion… from which it re-emerged recently in the form of a 16mm telerecording, included as a bonus feature on this upcoming release.

There’s an exclusive preview below, and the film+episode is available to pre-order now, for release on 28 January.

Martin Cater


  1. Andrew J Pearson Reply

    I’m really looking forward to this one! I just wish someone would track down the lost series ‘Till Death’ that was made in the very early eighties for ITV. Had some brilliant moments in it, it’s the series where Alf and Elsie have retired down to Eastbourne . Una Stubb’s reprises her role as Rita in several episodes. Great shame if it isn’t saved from oblivion!

  2. Kenneth Henderson Reply

    I do remember that episode when it was shown on Australian ABCTV back then. Like the Likely Lads clip what is shown in 47secs is excellent quality. In c1974 we had a color series of 26 episodes called The Last of the Australians which ran 26 episodes of about 24mins ea on VTR for the Nine Network and like The Sullivans(screened in UK) it was made by the now defunct Crawford Productions for Nine exclusively. Recently the VTRs were formatted for TV in 4 discs and just before Christmas I bought it along with a couple of volumes from some of the companies police shows for other networks. The tapes are good, color, little dropout or jitter. This series was shown late at night and would not be PC today like Alf Garnett(I did see Warren Mitchell on stage here but by then, he was living here, he was slipping his lines badly. Pity) but it was certainly similar to Alf even if they say otherwise referring to a stage play. I think our show is more Alf Garnett than Archie Bunker.
    I bought the Alf box set with some more found episodes but I am sure I don’t have the interview show with the interviewee scriptwriter the late Johnny Speight where they show clips from episodes that no longer exist. The piece is said to be extant.

  3. Bart bull Reply

    Fantastic, ordered and can hardly wait for a lost episode of a great series from the past…

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