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July 22, 2022

By Tim Beddows, Managing Director, Network Distributing Ltd

Many, many thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to reply to the public information film piece last week. It’s really gratifying to see how much you’ve enjoyed the output all these years, and even have my memory further jogged about things I’d forgotten.

‘Charley’ was just the first faltering step. One of the reasons I still do this, is because there’s usually a wayward story attached to pretty much, well, all of our releases, that make the experience as interesting as the programmes and films themselves. There’s plenty to say, so maybe I will.  

In the meantime, whilst we can’t always pull through on the title request front, I can happily tell you that some of the titles bandied around in the replies are being worked up as I type. Quite a lot of them, actually.

Again, thank you for the kind words. It means a huge amount to myself and the team.


  1. Damon Shaw Reply

    Thank you for releasing Country Matters on DVD next month, I’ve just ordered it! Great news.

    Please – more archive TV on DVD!

    Kindest regards to everyone at Network.

  2. Rex Reply

    Another thank you for Country Matters, and I would absolutely love to read more of the stories behind different titles. Contractual agreements permitting, I’d also like to hear about the titles that never made it – some were even available for pre-order on the website before being pulled close to release. (I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to know about the problematic writers’ estates, and cover art disagreements, etc, but I’m sure there are some new stories you could share without harming diplomatic relations…)

    Now please keep taking my money!

  3. Damon Shaw Reply

    I also have the same curious mind and wonder about those things.

    I’ve also pondered about sales figures for archive TV publishers and it would be an old TV enthusiast’s dream to see the sales figures for every Network release (never going to happen) or at least which titles are Network’s best sellers ever.

    I recall on a forum somewhere someone else asking about sales figures and was told (maybe by Tim) that World Theatre Brand was a low seller and was unprofitable (I bought a copy from HMV at the time!). Those sales figures would be fascinating. Oh well, I can dream!

    I would like to give Network an extra thank you for including the previously lost episodes of The Likely Lads and Till Death Us Do Part on your film releases in The British Film series, that was just fabulous! I wish The Alf Garnett Saga could get a DVD release.

    Lastly, I once saw a film on ITV Granada deep in the night, when ITV had actual programmes on overnight instead of selling their airspace (and soul) to gambling and teleshopping dross, that stayed with me but I couldn’t remember the name of it. You saved me from a lifetime of frustration by releasing The Uncle – that was it! It was every bit as good as I remember it and I’ve enjoyed so many of the films in The British Film series.


  4. Nicholas Romain Reply

    I just wrote a huge message here and then lost the whole thing while I was trying to enter my name in the field below. No way I’m wasting another 20 mins trying to say it all again.

    Sucks, eh?

  5. Shaun Robbins Reply

    Keep up the fantastic work ***Tim & the amazing Network Team***
    I have purchased many treasured Network items over many years.
    Your love, detail and attention to archive film and TV is incredible, second to none.
    If possible, please consider blu-ray upgrades to Return of the Saint, The Saint, Flashing Blade, Sweeney, Minder, Wicker’s World, Protectors & Beiderbecke Affair … Hoping, if licensing allows to see more Avengers & New Avengers blu-ray compilation releases … Hoping, if licensing allows to see Thunderbirds & the iconic Carry On films given the very special, Network blu-ray treatment … Plus, please consider Casey Jones & White Horses, both very, very popular childhood TV series. Thank you.

  6. Mr Benn Reply

    Rentaghost! Finish the job you started! 😁

  7. Greg Chapman Reply

    I have purchased many Network titles over the years, from my first, the Space Patrol, set (on DVD) back when it first came out, many titles coming from high street stores, supermarkets and Edinburgh Woollen Mills
    (yes, they used to sell DVDS!) before finally setting up an account on the Network site.
    So many excellent titles over the years. I wish I could buy more.
    The restorations are some of the best I’ve seen (The Professionals springs immediately to mind).
    Hopefully one day, we can get more of the ITC stable released, such as White Hunter, Seaway and others, and if I beg nicely, please can we have a soundtrack set for Ghost Squad, please

  8. Alan Coates Reply

    A big thank you from me for releasing so many old but wonderful TV series over the years. You care, and it shows.
    I’ve just ordered Coountry Matters, a few episdoes of which I managed to see some years ago. I’m not the romantic type, but I can still recognise great drama when I see it.
    And future releases? Well, I would love to see Jason King released on blu-ray. Also, Hancock’s Half Hour on blu-ray, and yes, I know its from the BBC, but Network managed to strike a deal and released those missing Likely Lads episodes and the Monty Python series, so one would like to think its possible! Hancock is crying out for the blu-ray treatment – as is Steptoe & Son, Dad’s Army and Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads. The Beed only release them in cheap sets and the picture quality is the same! I;m sure Network have thought of it. Anything is possible!
    Meanwhile, great work, and thanks again!

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