Tim Beddows 1963-2022

November 25, 2022

It is with great sadness that we share with you the devastating news that on Friday 18 November, our beloved founder Tim, Mr Network, passed away.  

Tim’s passing was a terrible shock to everyone who knew him but we are committed to continuing his legacy of releasing beloved film and TV classics with the same passion and care that we always have. 

Tim had an incredible journey at Network but long before that, at the age of ten, he had a passion for the audio visual technology of the era – tape recorders, record players, cine projectors, you name it! As a child, he was already recording soundtracks of TV episodes, including titles that he would later release on DVD like The Saint and The Persuaders!. An avid collector throughout his life, in 1997 Tim decided to turn his passion into a business and Network began with its first ever release – a VHS of Charley Says, a title we’re still proud to have in the catalogue to this day. Over our 25 year journey with Tim at the helm, we’ve released nearly 5,000 separate titles on DVD, Blu-ray and digital, securing deals with ITV, Fremantle, the BBC and StudioCanal to bring you lovingly-crafted editions of entertainment from the UK and across the world. Without Tim’s dedication to The British Film range and his passion for restoring classic cinema, we’d have lost access to hundreds of British films, and because of Tim’s forward-thinking leadership, we’ve got an exciting future ahead thanks to our recent acquisition of the Rapido library and our deal with Hammer Films to form Hammer Studios Limited. 

His legacy is huge and we want to reassure you all that this work will continue. Tim had already started to plan for the next five to ten years, so he will remain a very real presence here on both the outlook of the company and on our releases. We are all heart-broken by his passing but the whole team understood Tim’s dreams for the future of the business. We are committed to delivering that dream, and building upon his legacy for you all. 

Together we will take the company forward with his vision, and he’ll be with us on the continuing journey. 


  1. Geoff Leonard Reply

    Dreadfully sorry to hear this. He was a real enthusiast and always a gentleman in all the dealings I had with him over the years. RIP, Tim.

  2. Alain CARRAZE Reply

    It’s a devastating news.
    I loved your product and was in contact with Tim since a couple of years regarding some content.
    My very sincere condoleances to all the Network team.
    Alain CARRAZE

  3. Art & Hue Reply

    Such sad news. Network is an incredible legacy, preserving and making available many films & TV shows that had previously been neglected. Our thoughts are with all the team at Network who, it’s clear from the touching comments above, will continue his great work.

  4. Austin Appleby Reply

    So very, very sorry to hear this news. I’ve met Tim at a Prisoner convention just a little over four years ago and had reconnected with him earlier this year. I considered him a friend and he will be greatly missed. Sending love and condolences to his family and everyone at Network.

  5. Trevor Willsmer Reply

    Desperately sad news. I never knew him, but the start of his journey strikes a chord with many of us who grew up with a handheld microphone by the TV recording shows on audio cassette tape before saving up enough to buy a basic 8mm projector. Many of the shows and films he released on VHS, DVD and Blu are, especially for those who grew up in the same era as he did, part of the road map of our lives, and in keeping them alive and available gave many of us a shared sense of kinship to him and the company he formed that makes us feel his loss all the more despite never meeting him. That obviously cannot match that loss felt by those who knew and loved him, but I hope it is at least some comfort to them how much happiness and old memories his work and legacy brought to so many of us.

  6. Paul Cook Reply

    Back in the 90s I was ‘working’ as an instore DJ/VJ for HMV’s flagship Oxford Street store and spotted a single copy of the ‘Charley Says’ VHS in the back corridor waiting to be put out on the shop floor. I played it straight away and a customer bought it straight away. Another three were ordered, I played it again and all 3 sold that day. 10 were ordered with the same result, then 15, 20 and more. This spike in sales was spotted by HMV head office and it ended up being centrally ordered for every HMV in the country.

    This was so early in Tim’s career that he had a mobile number on the sleeve. I rang to tell him how well it was selling, and we ended up talking for ages, largely due to how immediately friendly and enthusiastic he was. Over the years, as Network flourished, we would catch up from time to time and one of my favourite memories is him bringing in the tall (and still very beautiful) Robert Hoffmann who played TV’s Robinson Crusoe to say hello and go for a drink.

    The fact that Tim he was able to turn his love of cult TV and film into an incredible career is an amazing legacy and his dedication to making sure the releases were exceptional quality and packed with extras is a testament to how much he was a fan not just a producer.

    From our first meeting to the last lunch we shared pre-COVID, Tim was always warm, funny, generous and full of great anecdotes. I will miss his laugh, his captivating voice and our shared love of XTC. My thoughts are with those close to him and to everyone at Network; if I am devastated I can only image how they feel.

  7. Peter Walker Reply

    I am so shocked and saddened by this tragic news. Please pass on my heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him, Such a devastating loss. Tim was always so very encouraging about the John Barry-related projects that Geoff Leonard and myself regularly pursue. It was a pleasure to have worked alongside him on various releases. Rest In Peace, Tim.

  8. Carolyn Brooke-Millward Reply

    I was lucky enough to work with Tim in the late 1990s when I was managing a small theatre. Together, we set up an annual children’s film festival and several other enterprises. His warmth, friendless, and passion for film was a thing to behold. I am so shocked he is gone, and send condolences to his family and all at Network.

  9. David Andrew Roylance Reply

    I am very sad to hear this. It sounds like it has been an extreme shock to most everyone who knew him. Much of my living room contains discs of beloved films and television series that most people presumed would never see the light of day, especially in gorgeous high definition.

    Tim’s contribution means I can share my love for all these things to my children and keep the legacy of our culture alive.

    Thank you, Tim.

  10. Mike Allum Reply

    His enthusiasm showed in the panache and sense of humour of Network.

    He leaves behind a tremendous legacy.

  11. Rex Reply

    It’s awful to hear this news, particularly since he was only just recently celebrating Network’s anniversary. He was clearly very proud of what Network had achieved, and rightly so. Home entertainment, especially in terms of television releases, would have been an extremely different place without him. Condolences to his colleagues, friends and family.

  12. Paul Chiesa Reply

    Really sad news Tim’s legacy as the founder of Network will live on with each new release. RIP Tim you will be sorely missed.

  13. Tim Langley Reply

    Very sad news. My thoughts are with Tim’s colleagues, friend’s and family.
    I had the pleasure to meet Tim briefly in 2020 while working on a large amount of 35mm film prints for two series made by the Danziger Bros.
    Thank you for keeping us happy and entertained with classic film and television releases over many years.
    Rest in peace

  14. Paul Gilbert Reply

    So sorry to hear this news. The variety of Network’s releases has been a delight, discovering new treats and reliving old favourites and Tim’s guiding hand has clearly always been a strong influence on the quality and breadth of the Network catalogue. It’s good to know the company that he has nurtured all these years will continue from strength to strength, releasing the content that Tim would no doubt have chosen himself. Thank you, Tim, for the many happy hours of entertainment you have given us. Sleep tight.

  15. Philip Worsfold Reply

    I was shocked and saddened to hear the terrible news of Tim’s passing. My relationship with Tim was a funny one and we often we didn’t see eye to eye but I am pleased to say that over the last ten years we had a good relationship. I was only thinking about him recently as we were due a lunch. Not a lot of people know this but it was me who helped Tim on his incredible industry journey after he called me sometime in 1996 with a crazy idea to release some old “Charlie Says” public information films on video. The board at Sound and Media agreed to give it a go and we started Network . Early releases included the classic TV series Robinson Crusoe, Robin of Sherwood, The Flashing Blade, The Singing Ringing Tree to name but a few. In the early days many people thought Tim was mad about releasing old TV series on DVD but he knew better. Certainly a lot better than many of the content owners and myself. Tim was passionate, knowledgeable and convincing. I was often amazed at his ability to make deals happen. He lived his dream and I am proud that I helped him on his way. I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t share the same vision. Tim could be a stubborn sod but he always believed in himself and totally understood his market. Tim Beddows, I salute you. You will be missed.

  16. Steve Sullivan Reply

    30 Nov 22 While searching Network’s web to find out what’s new to buy I was shocked to read of Tim’s sad passing. He always had the time to reply to my ‘real’ letters (posted by mail) and was always upbeat about the growing collection of classic TV & film series being added to the BD format. Long may that continue. It’s comforting to know that future releases will have had Tim’s blessing. May Tim now be in a happier place than down here on mortal Earth.

  17. Chris Williams Reply

    Sorry to hear of his passing, as a collector of British TV comedy and drama, have purchased many items off you guys over the years and reading through that post it’s clear how much of a legacy and the amount of fine work he did. Thoughts and condolences to his family and friends and colleagues.

  18. Martin Leybourne Reply

    So sad to hear this news. Long may his legacy continue.

  19. Tony Buller Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear this news he was very helpful to me over the years and very sad news.
    Condolences to his family and friends 😢

  20. Neil Finlay Reply

    A Genius and a visionary.I have bought so many obscure DVDs from you down the years,including the remastered Gerry Anderson shows which I love so much.People like Tim should live forever.My deepest condolences to you all.

  21. Ivan Bismarck Schmidt Rodrigues Reply

    good and cool

  22. Alan Tennant Reply

    This is devastating news about Tim Beddows, I only found out about it today. I never knew him myself, but I also have a huge passion for classic film and TV, and without that passion access to such films and TV programmes would have been lost forever. My heartfelt condolences go out to all who knew him, and long may his legacy continue for many more years to come. Rest in peace.

  23. Mark Stevens Reply

    I was very sad to read this news, i love Network dvds and blu rays( and the love they have for old movies and tv series) and though i never knew Tim it is as a direct result of him having that inital idea back in the 90s that my dvd and blu ray shelves display so many wonderful classics now, everything from the old Jessie Matthews movies to The Man Who Haunted Himself.
    R.I.P. Tim.

  24. Robert Vickers Reply

    Am very sorry to learn about this. Thanks to Tim’s vision we have had the chance to see countless old British films and TV series that I didn’t think we had a prayer of ever viewing. If he’d done nothing else The British Film series would have been a remarkable achievement. My condolences to all his family, friends, and colleagues who I’m sure will carry on the good work.

  25. Trevor Douglas Reply

    Very sad news indeed. Thankfully with his forward thinking and being a pioneer in this field, he will always be remembered, and we can all appreciate the fine work that all of the Network staff continue to release.

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