World in Action: Volume 2

World in Action: Volume 2

Format: DVD

World in Action was, undoubtedly, ITV’s flagship current affairs programme. Lasting four decades (from the ‘60s to the ‘90s) this multiple BAFTA winning show was fearless, trailblazing and hard-hitting, choosing controversial subjects that other programmes would not dare to touch, often getting into trouble with the ITV regulators and – at times – the Government.

A cornerstone of the British viewing schedule throughout its run, the team often investigated stories at their own personal risk; for example, World in Action was the first documentary unit to film in Uganda after the overthrow of murderous dictator Idi Amin. This terrifying exposé is included here, along with editions that cover everything from aspirin abuse to Nazi war criminals, from Mrs. Thatcher’s bid for Conservative leadership to the events of Dallas, November 1963.

A candid report on the city of Dallas and its inhabitants, made six days after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Malcolm X
Made just after his assassination, the film looks at Malcolm X, his life and his advocacy of black power and separation. His views are contrasted with those of people like James Baldwin and Martin Luther King.

Alas Poor Hippies, Love is Dead
A report on the development of hippy, peaceloving US drug-addicts into a more forceful society after the introduction of new drugs. It shows hippies who have tried to break the habit and investigates their family background.

A Group of Terrorists Attacked...
A World in Action film unit follows a guerilla patrol in Portuguese Guinea, where a struggle for independence is being fought.

A journey with Castro on one of his tours of Cuba by jeep, illustrating the importance he places on governing through personal contact with the people.

The Most Widely Used Drug in the World
Aspirin is frequently used by many people in enormous amounts as a pain reliever unprescribed by doctors. WIA examines the harmful side effects of the drug.

Eh! What?
Although the government had drawn up a code of practice for employers, there are no restrictions enforceable by law regarding high noise levels in industry. WIA talks to employees who are subjected to dangerously high noise levels and to employers who are doing little to improve the situation.

Why I Want to Be Leader
On the eve of the first ballot for the Tory party leadership, WIA looks at the character, lifestyle and career of Margaret Thatcher, one of the principal contenders in the leadership struggle.

The Hunt for Dr. Mengele
A WIA investigation into claims that Paraguay is a refuge for Nazi criminals. Dr. Mengele is remembered for his vile experiments carried out on inmates in concentration camps and WIA traces several of his hideouts in Paraguay and talks to people who have met him there.

Inside Idi Amin’s Terror Machine
On 25 January 1971, Idi Amin overthrew the president of Uganda, Dr. Milton Obote. So began a reign of terror, violence and murder that lasted more than eight years. In a special report by the World In Action team, the full extent of the horror of Amin’s regime is revealed for the first time.

The Curse of the Klan
WIA reports on the revival of the Ku Klux Klan as an extreme right-wing group using sub-machine guns and flaming torches to persecute America’s black community. Includes film of an anti-Klan rally when Klansmen opened fire on demonstrators and were later acquitted of murder by an all-white jury.

Scotland Yard’s Cocaine Connection
An investigation into allegations that members of the Metropolitan police are involved with cocaine smugglers. The programme centres on a former Detective Superintendent, accused of corruption and suspended in 1987, who retired due to ill health before being charged.

Why Dunblane?
WIA looks at the background of Thomas Hamilton, who shot dead 16 children and their teacher at Dunblane Primary School. Includes interviews with people who knew him through the Scout Association and the boys’ clubs he set up. Also examines current gun laws.

World in Action: Volume 2
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